you know you’re having an interesting day when…

Posted: 27th August 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized

…the best part of it so far is talking to one of the reps at Microsoft.

She was amazingly pleasant, professional and courteous. And replacing my disk through them was less expensive than buy about 70% than any other place i saw.

Now i just need to get my external hard drive fixed/replaced.

  • MS is actually a surprisingly good company to deal with. Great support overall.

    • One would be hard pressed to tell given the scant delight one will find trying to find support on their website.

  • emzyesque

    @scimon unfun indeed. I’m fine til I have to go to the very top, or carry something heavy up. Brilliant phobia in my line of work, oh yes.

  • Kengy5

    @norbe88 I find the format incredibly unfun…gave it another shot tonight and once again, it was unfun and a waste of time.

  • naylsss

    Off to Kota Belud tomorrow. That’s so unfun, sigh.

  • Soxymamma

    @CrochetLibFront: Kudos to the mom who just made an unfun parenting decision with a tired toddler. She said no and kept to it. Gently and with love.

  • kmacalpine

    @LordOfVisions unfun! But at least it’s not like you lost a roof or anything. It’s bad but could’ve been much worse!

  • tulio_frijoles

    #TeLoDigoen”F” Mefe efen cafan tafas unfun chifin gofo

  • Grainne_Gigi

    Still feeling sick! ugh!! stress is so unfun!!