Wow! What a response, it looks like there’s about a twenty five percent increase over last year. And quality wise, i think the percent that made it past chapter one is almost absurdly high. Right now, I’m probably going to do the one that’s open and then call it a day. Yes I know I’m a slacker, only about twenty six so far since midnight. Unfortunately, I’m starting to get incoherent even for me. At this point I’m too tired to give more than one or two more a fair read.

One the subject of submissions that have made it past one chapter, I would prefer if you each gave me forty five days from the day you receive notice to either offer my services or give a rejection from something past the first chapter.

And while i make no money for saying it: Svedka vodka is nice.

I should get to at least the first chapter of everyone I haven’t at least done the first chapter for tomorrow or Friday the latest. After everyone’s first chapter has been read I will start those that have been held back in earnest. Please note that this applies to the submissions sent to the email address and not to the ones sent to the regular box, those i should be reading again in two weeks or so.

  • Um–I think I hit the wrong button and sent it to the regular box. Maybe.

    • Eh, it will get read. If you're desperate for the crit, send a message via the contact form on my site that lists your name, email and the book title….

      • Thanks. I'm not desperate–the book is also sitting in the slush at the publisher I named in the cover e-mail, and I figure I'm still about 8 months out from hearing from them, at best. I have other stuff I'm working on and so I've kinda moved on from this baby…
        It was more like a 'd'oh! I pushed the button on the wrong page!' whimper. O
        Thank you for your prompt response.

        • Trust me, there are worse D'oh things you can do if you sub first thing in the morning…on only about 2 hours sleep. :sigh:
          Let's just say you've got company. 😉

  • I hope this isn't an inappropriate question.
    My e-mail appears to have a strange bug; last night it simultaneously showed my e-mail for the Winter Workout as successfully sent in spite of my accidental attempt to close the program before it was finished (What can I say, it was 5:00 AM and I was lucky I could type in English)…
    But this evening, it showed it still queued to go, and unsent.
    I tested it tonight, and it appears the test e-mail did go through under identical circumstances.
    However, the whole reason I checked is because I didn't get an automated confirmation over the course of the day.
    Can you settle a panicked writer's worry and tell me if you in fact received a Winter Workout Submission with the subject line Raising the Storm – Lenora Rose – Fantasy?

    • I don't see it. Send it to the address on my website with "WW" in the subject line after the rest.

      • Thank you.
        (I never thought sending an e-mail had a grey area. It's generally yes, or no, not "…maybe." )

      • Along those lines, did my second try at sending "Demon In The Rough-Melissa Mead-Fantasy" come through properly?
        Thank you.

  • I love to entertain myself with brief fantasies that you will be so overcome by my shining, first-draft, NaNoWriMo prose that you will break down my front door to agent me. As I live in Australia, this is unlikely, but I like to build enormous 500-room castles in the air. LOL!

  • Aaaarrrgg!!!
    I was out of town and missed the submission deadline! Any chance of getting ONE MORE submission in? I will throw in vodka… Svedka, of course…

  • I'd really like to thank you. You put this on at a time when I'd been trying to assess whether to can that particular series, or keep on trying. With your response, I'll keep on with it. If you ever make it over to this side of the rock, I owe you a drink *g*