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Posted: 23rd September 2007 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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This seems like an interesting concept, although i wasn’t entranced by anything i saw over there.


  • What interests me is how many group blogs are appearing on my horizon. (Though they may have always been there, I just was unaware.)
    The topics don't particularly lure me–looks like they are aiming at a much younger readership, though if I didn't have a timer and strict internet reading limits, I might have tried the one about two girls.

  • I read 2/3 through one of the posts, which is a sort of "What I shoulda told him" rant, and gave up. Most of the titles didn't draw me in. I think something of this general business design would be more likely to draw traffic if it were more focused by topic. (I know they have tags, but they're pretty vague and tags don't give the site itself a brand identity, if you know what I mean.

  • Looks like rants written in the style of English Composition 101.
    BUT, I found a website that will sell me a nice t-shirt that with the simple but elegant phrase "frack" written in a BSG-esque script.
    See? Sometimes it only takes a word to express volumes. Something every writer needs to know.

  • It's a streaming slush pile with all the yummy goodness I've come to expect from slush.