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This is the best post on writing I’ve read in a while. Go read.
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  • I don't think I can go along with you there. Seems pretty bombastic, and I can't see Shakespeare (or almost all the writers I consider great) operating this way. But I freely admit that I'm not unbiased: NM seems to me to be a charter member of the Academy of the Overrated.

    • Heh… one has to have a certain level of um… _attitude_ to filter it properly.
      The filtered summary is:
      Ass in chair, leave your assumptions at the door and think for yourself.

    • Agreed. NM is projecting his own characteristics, and what's true for him may not be true for all.

  • Interesting. While I can't help but admire SK I've never enjoyed his writing. I don't think I've ever finished one of his books. NM makes some good points. I've never aspired to be a 'great' writer, but I do get a huge amount of ego when other folk simply enjoy it. We're all nihilistic in that sense. It seems an odd question to ask in the first place – could I be great – because what NM said about being a great writer is a little bit like being a hero; in the main you have to be dead for folk to appreciate you. And being great/wanting people to 'like' you are, I suppose, the same thing. I think to become a better writer one has to totally push one's own buttons, push over those limits we set ourselves and that is exactly like putting an arm in the woodchipper. The difference between a Marysue and a brilliant character. But Marysue sure does have her uses.

  • Thanks for that link. Excellent stuff. The back and forth comments were just as entertaining in their own way.

  • I'm just getting a blank page.

  • *prods at the source code* AH-HA!
    You (or LJ, somehow) entered — when I click, it sends me to the page I clicked from, not to the URL.
    No wonder I was getting so confused when I clicked on it and got your page again!

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