Posted: 30th April 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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I booked my flight today, I’ll be there for the whole con, and most of the next day. I also managed to get my bio sent in so I may actually have to do some work while there.

How many others are going?

  • I've been told it's a better bet for an author to hit World Fantasy as more work gets done there, so I reallocated my expense account for Calgary in October. Unless business circumstances change, of course.

    • hmmm….
      For actual 'business' you really need to be known to a few people, for schmoozing you just need to be able to pick people out of a crowd. If going to WFC remember that is almost exclusively a freeform business meeting and to dress accordingly.

    • oh yeah….
      The other thing is that a lot of the people I talked to weren't too sure about going to Calgary because of the distance/time from the publishing centers of NYC. It may or may not be as productive as going in a US/East Coast year.
      I almost certainly wont be going because I'm entirely too lazy to get a passport.

  • Will this affect your ability to attend Pi-Con? Just curious because I am trying to get the final tallies.

    • Nope.
      I should be there.

      • Oh cool. Does that mean I can officially add you to the roster?

  • I'm planning on going, but am not 100% yet. Depends on budget and grad school. But I really really want to go.

    • book your hotel, if you need to you can always cancel later.

      • Oh, yes. I work for a hotel. I learned that lesson long ago. Thanks, though. :>)

  • Well, I have my hotel reservation, but it's going to depend on budget and if I can get a new job before then.
    We do plan on coming, and we're on staff, so it's probable that we'll be there.

  • I wish I could go to either, but it's just Albacon for me this year.

  • I'll be there, Mike.

  • I have my registration and hotel for Worldcon. But haven't booked the flight.
    One more life-altering thang needs to resovle itself before I do that.

  • I have my hotel booked but I'm waiting to sort out a few more details before I make the full commitment.