World Fantasy Con report

Posted: 6th November 2006 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized

What a fascinating con.


A not so complete list (yes my memory does suck, sue me.) of the charming people I met, Lucienne Diver, Anne Groell, Ginjer Buchanan, Melanie Rawn, Steven Brust, Jane Lindskold, P. N. Elrod, Robin Hobb, S(teve). M. Stirling, Ester Friesner, Steve Cobb, Stoney Compton, C. E. Murphy, Paolo Bacigalupi, Mary Teresa Huessy  Ben Fenwick, and a whole sea of other writers, fen and assorted humanoids populating the Con. I ran into a few people I knew from other cons and online; David Drake, David Hartwell, David Coe, Eric Flint, Walt Boyes, Sarah and Dan Hoyt, and their two rather amusing sons, Pam Uphoff, James Montgomery, Kate Paulk and Amanda Green.


The con on the whole was good, the biggest problem being that the overflow hotel was over two miles from the con hotel. For your average fan this is not a con to go to if you want to meet authors sitting around languidly soaking up the attention of fenkind. On the other hand, if you want to go get your book collection and quite possibly your entire collection signed, do go the mass signing is a sight to behold. And on the gripping hand, if you are a professional, or trying to break in as a writer, editor, agent, artist or whatever be there. Be there. and be polished, gleaming, charming and above all pay court  To everyone. The person in front of you may be a fan with no upward desire, or they could be the spouse of someone with stroke, they could also be a two time Hugo nominee or a NYT best seller.


As good a show as the attendees put on for the panels, and other events World Fantasy Con has a very different agenda than most of the other cons I’ve been too. WFC is roughly eighty percent business, with the other two portions being pageantry and entertainment. It’s truly arresting to have gone to cons that are mostly entertainment and then go to WFC.


The awards banquet suffered only in two ways. The sound system was not adequate do compete with the hands and mouths of several hundred attendees, and not one of the people who won an award was in attendance. The first is obviously correctable and hopefully will be for next time, the latter is just unfortunate. The food was about three dozen grades above most banquets I’ve been to, not only was it edible, it was enjoyable to the eye, nose and palate


I had a great time and hope I have even half as much fun in Saratoga next year. More importantly, I think I met a few potential clients, it will be interesting to see what comes of it in the weeks ahead. For now I’m on to plan my con attendance for 2007 since I doubt strongly I’ll be able to attend anything else this year.

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