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Dave Freer was mentioned as one of the funniest writers in SF/F. This is of course not news to those who read devour everything he writes.

  • Dave's funny? Okay, NOW I'll go looking for the books. I thought he belonged to the Baen Church of the Ineffably Intense.
    …Back from following some Borders links. Yep, definitely quirky. Definitely on the "Look for!" list too. Thanks!
    Jean Marie

    • :: rolls eyes ::
      Did we miss some of the snippets? And the illusion of Baen having exactly one type of writer is just that.
      Pre-order Dragon's Ring, and go buy: Rats, Bats, & Vats, The Rats the Vats & The Ugly, Pyramid Scheme, and Pyramid Power. Those are the obviously light toned ones. Although Slow Train is the has some humor, it is not quite as clearly humorous as those four. All the other stuff with his name on it is worth reading too, but most are a bit more sober.

      • *user hangs head*
        Yeah, I missed the snippets. My bad.
        But the Baen thing, now that came from reading way too much. Glad to hear it's changing.
        Cheers and smiles,
        Jean Marie