Posted: 14th December 2007 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized

Pics of 128

Look Ma! No Blur!!

Hours later….

Look close…

It was that kinda drive.

  • wet – heavy
    Looks wet and heavy… Had that a couple weekends ago…
    The SUV pigs gas, damn nice when there is a snow storm and 4×4 is a switch.

    • Re: wet – heavy
      Nope, light and fluffy with no wind and few working plows…

  • Um, I love you dearly, but it's December, it's suppose to snow.
    Seeing as I was working in Boston during the Blizzard of 1978, and had to wait until Tuesday to get my car out of the Framingham train station parking lot. Call me when we get some real snow, this was just a dusting.

    • I could live with it never snowing again…
      I didn't say it was a bad storm, just a bad response to it. I know people it took over five hours to get from Salem to Wilmington because 128 was completely useless.

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    @MoreAndAgain funny story (a lil off topic) I kept my neph over night when he was 3. Next day sis was reading asked him to count the birds+

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