The very firm, probable date for the Winter Workout is 12/28. If I have to reschedule I will post then. Submission period will start at least 24 hours ahead of time and run until about 8am on the 28th.

  • Am I allowed to submit stuff under a different email and see what you say when you don't know its me?

    • Hee. That's wicked.
      *prods at her SF novel*
      *prods at her brain*
      *hopes that she can do the edit runthrough on the thing in time*
      …Here's one for the FAQ — say I want to place my Fantasy-Setting Romance with Agent X. Still willing to look at a regular SF novel? Or are agents more territorial? (I'm not sure that I've seen an answer to that anywhere. But then, I could just have missed it.)

      • If someone gets me to bite on an SF/F novel, i will at least try to place anything else.

        • Heh. Yes, but say I've got Novel X over at Agent X, who does Teh Romance — do you want me to submit Novel SF to you? What happens if I win the lottery and both you and Agent X want to represent the books that I've sent?
          …can I have two agents, one for each? Or will you both look at me with the equivalent of ascii frowny-faces?

    • You say that like you don't have a distinct writing voice.

  • Whip those inner demons into shape by 12/27. Got it.