Why are you here?

Posted: 19th July 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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I’m continually bemused by the amount of people who friend me and actually stick around. I see comments from people who I don’t know, and who haven’t commented before or in a long time and it kicks the curiosity up another notch.

So why are you here? Almost everyone has been here a month or more, and I’m kinda curious as to how you got here and what you find among my blitherings interesting enough to keep you waylaying electrons to bring you my mutterings.


  • Any insight into an agent’s mind is useful. *grin* Plus, your blitherings are interesting. That, and I don’t usually prune my friends’ list.

    • Yup, that.
      Besides, if I wind up writing something that's Just Right for ya, I'll know where to find ya, right?
      And Arisia.

  • I think I answered this before but I met you at Pi-Con and I liked your personality. I find your "blitherings" to be intelligent, informative and amusing.

  • Ditto the ‘your blitherings are interesting.’ I can’t, uh, think of anything specific . . . just I have the general impression of whenever I find an entry of yours in my flist, it’ll be amusing or informative or in some way worth the time to read.

  • Do you even have to ask?

    That and I like to keep tabs on you. You consistently surprise me. In good ways.

  • You hosted a thingy a while back where you promised to actually comment on queries and synopses, as opposed to sending a form letter or nothing at all. I’m a glutton for punishment [g].

  • Your posts make me smile after a long day of *staring down that bastard computer*.

  • I'm sure I friended you because one of your victims uh err writers was lavishing heaps of praise upon you on their blog. I'm sure I've stayed because you dither and whine and generally say enormously amusing things about how people are and what they do and you mostly seem sane about it all…

  • well, I've found you to be clueful, well-written and read, and generally the sort of barmy old codger I enjoy associating with. Plus you're a Barfly.

  • I enjoy your commentary on the biz. I am trying to learn more. <lj user="markdeniz"> sent me to check you out.

  • Sartorias posted a link to here when you had your Winter Workout. I like the sense of humour you show, so I've stuck around.

  • Not sure I answered the last time you asked, so….
    Met you at WFC in Austin. You had the good taste to become Monkey's agent [G] and your warped, er wonderful, sense of humor is as refreshing as your advice and comments on the writing business. Besides, who else is crazy enough to ask for our BAD query letters (especially since that seems to be my forte these days)?

  • I trickled in from Baen's bar following all the various barflies that have LJs.
    I stick around because as others have written you have an amusing take on the world. Also at some point I'm going to finish a novel and then I need to pick an agent so I need to make sure I avoid all the obvious goofs

  • Because you tag posts like this with the tag vodka.

  • Met in the Barfly suite at Ravencon and bonded over our mutual un-enjoyment of Jordan's Wheel of Time books. 🙂

  • You gettin philisophical on me? I like you better cynical, sarcastic and nasty. 😛

    • I'll have you know I don't know what any of those words mean but I don't like their tone.

  • We shared a few panels at RavenCon and I was fascinated by your worldview. I'm still fascinated. 🙂

  • I'm reading what various pros write in their blogs, and it's easier to friend in LJ rather than check back (I am fairly low-tech with the RSS feeds and all that stuff, during day job season I really don't have a lot of time to twitter, chirp and All That Stuff).
    Plus you do write interesting stuff. Maybe we'll run into each other in the bar or at a party at Worldcon.

  • No sekrit motive, just interest. *g*

    • Ha! HA! I say!
      Like I'm supposed to believe someone who lies for a living!

  • Professionally, it's helpful for me to stay aware of the agent's part of the business, and how things work on your side of the desk.
    Also, I've always been fond of knowledgeable snark.

  • Well, we met at WFC and you were nice, and I like learning about how to turn words into books.

  • Oh, I'd say Shevacon 2004 counts as more than a few months. And the look on peoples faces you, me, and Nathan all walk into the restaurant at the same time. Probably close to 800 pounds of muscle all at once. 🙂

  • You know why I'm here.

  • I believe it was through reading <lj user="sartorias"> that I came across your home here. Between your sense of humor and your recommendations of other blog posts, as well as your professional insights, I enjoy keeping tabs.
    I've been reading for a while and decided recently to take a more active participation on all of the various friends I've added.

  • Because in general you're amusing or interesting, and good advice never hurts.
    And, quite possibly, I might be too lazy to edit my flist.

  • The free drinks.

  • Because I've seen you on Baen's Bar and I'm collecting them, and you're interesting?

  • You called me a great moderator. How could I leave? Cheers and grins, Jean Marie

    • Well I only behave at Ravencon 'cause they give me cute co-panelists.
      Well, that and Crystal would beat me if I acted up too much.

      • I know. Mike specially deputized her for that. It's one of the first things you learn on the on RavenCon loop. 😀
        Speaking of cons, will you be attending DragonCon this year? There will be a larger than usual Baen contingent, and I wondered if you might decide to defend–er, join your authors in the fray.
        Best summer camp for wayward adults evah
        Cheers and smiles,
        Jean Marie

  • Because you effing made me do it.
    Then to top it off, you post clever innuendo about things we've done at a con that I have no recollection of doing, so of course I must read more so I can learn and understand all of your falsehoods.
    Those reasons, and I think I owe you a drink. Plus you almost pulled a gun on me once. Almost, mind you. And besides, two Baen authors and another Barfly were with me when we barged in on you. Maybe you just didn't like said authors works? or maybe the whole "knock on people's door" rule can be ignored only by Michael Moore.
    In Canada.
    With a camera crew in tow.
    Hmmm did I miss anything?

  • Interesting to chat with. Viewpoints are helpful. Been linked AIM before joinging the journal…

  • Oh geeze, you saw me. lol. Uh, well, I read this great book by Lynn Flewelling and somehow found out she had an LJ. So I found it and friended her, because her posts were interesting and she posted pictures that were neat. Then one day she had a guest author on who had an LJ (jpsorrow) who was really interesting and it sounded like I would like his books. So I friended him. Thru those two, I somehow stumbled across you and your journal, which held very interesting entries, so I friended you.
    There is a method to all this madness. My daughter presently has three books in the works. She's quite gifted in telling stories. She is presently an English Major in college and a very good student. I just thought as a parent, I should learn as much as I possibly can about authors/writers/agents/etc., so that in the unlikely event this 23 yr old decides to ask her uncool mother for some obviously unwanted advice (that will only be disregarded), I can at least appear to be somewhat intelligent in my answer to her.
    I'm a Paralegal and wanna be writer. I mostly write because it is good therapy. Sorry to stalk your journal, but I really find your entries interesting!

  • Anonymous

    Eric Hoyt
    I've met you only once in my life, however the reason I’m on this blog is because I decided to submit a entry for the contest… And I’m waiting fro the announcement of the winner. 😀

    • Anonymous

      Re: Eric Hoyt
      Whoops, I mean "for', I don't know why it thought I meant "fro"… What does "fro" mean anyway?

  • cult
    You mean this isn't a religious cult?

  • Because you are my FAVORITE OMIke. :3

    • You are clueful (to borrow someone else's word) and witty with your cluefulness. That combination is rare enough to keep me reading.

  • I'm fairly new to your blog, maybe a few weeks? Anyway, reading whatever industry/agent info happens to come out in your blog or comment threads.
    I'm no where near ready for mainstream publishing and finding an agent, but anyway… here I lurk.

  • Homeland Security asked me to keep tabs on you. Something about being a threat to the security of the publishing industry….

  • You mean we're allowed to leave?
    One of the SFReader crowd, I believe, put you on the radar, and it's interesting to get an agent's perspective on the publishing industry.
    The ulterior motive, of course, is to get chummy with an up-and-coming agent who has made some solid sales in the hopes of getting representation before he becomes a major force and the Onyxhawke Agency moves into a glass-and-steel edifice in NYC with a lobby that smells like pee and antagonistic door staff.

    • No, no leaving.
      And one of those type buildings would never, ever mix. I'm more likely to move to an oversized cabin in a remote part of Maine with a private lake and huge rambling estate house & head quarters.