I just got an auto call from the airline saying my flight has been canceled. I’m now on a flight that was scheduled earlier, but now leaves later and (in theory) arrives earlier. I should probably call my ride…

For those who missed it, Sartorias held a Bittercon over the weekend, and DaveFreer posted and JamesEnge commented on during it.

  • remind me not to travel with you. Granted since you know about this problem you have you only take direct flights. Right?

    • This is the first time in years I've had an issue traveling. Normally my flights are all early.

  • It was a lousy day flying out of Denver. Four gate changes and one volunteer bump (plus free ticket, squee!) later, and we finally got home.
    But it was later than we'd planned.
    What I kept hearing was that they were short on gates. And then our original flight somehow changed to a smaller plane. Once they started asking for volunteers, DH and I looked at each other and went for the free tickets. The second flight didn't swap gates at all and was much more calmer.

    • My whelm for DIA is conspicuous by its looming absence.