What takes so much time…

Posted: 18th July 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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On 6/23 I received a requested resubmission to my main business address. Since then I’ve sent and received about 500 messages from that address. This doesn’t count the email address that I receive slush to, most of which gets responded to there as well. It doesn’t count the email address that the comments on LiveJournal and Facebook are sent to. This also leaves out the two client works I’ve read and commented on in that time, the begging of cover quotes for a book. On top of this there is the time I spend sending out books, writing the cover letters, giving gentle toe prods to writers who mope and pretending I’m keeping track of industry news. On top of all this is course my personal email. The email for the 4H club I’m an assistant leader in, and of every once in a while that odd thing where I lay down and be (mostly) still for nigh on four hours at a time. 

  • Wasn't yesterday an alternate Thursday, the one on which you get to sleep?

    • Sorry, i forgot to send you the memo.
      My schedule has been updated to me sleeping alternate, alternate, alternate thursdays.

      • When are you going to be modified for a battery pack?

        • i was thinking of a fuel cell or a small nuclear reactor so i don't have to get it charged as often…

  • Poor O'Mike. Working his little feathers down to their pins.
    Seriously, slow down and have a vodka or three. You'll enjoy your slush pile so much more then.

    • To quote My Own Personal Goddess and her most famous maniac, "Slow is death."