What do you read poll.

Posted: 9th December 2006 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized

I’m trying to get a better handle on who’s out there. This will let me know what readers think. I can use this information to get better writers in the genres you read. Please answer honestly.
Please feel free to pass along to others that you know.

  • Just as an fyi, you left out Horror. Good old fashioned horror whether it be serial killers or monsters or psychological horror. That would have been my number one pick and in my opinion a far too often left out category in conventions.

  • The last couple of years, I've mostly been reading historical fantasy — and the histories to enable me to write one. While it doesn't exactly fit into the pigeonholes you provided in your poll, I think your pigeonholes are the ones used by F/SF publishing houses. In other words, it's only your fault for copying their pigeonholes. 😉

  • Alternate universe/alternate history would be another category to include. What category would works like the Chrestomanci or Harry Potter series fall into anyway?

  • And I found you in return!
    Just one favorite book? Impossible! Though I was sorely tempted to enter one of the anthologies I'm in…
    (PS: why is "genre's" possessive? O;>)

    • Re: And I found you in return!
      Yes, just one silly. 😛
      And the short answer to most things goofy i do: I was to tired to pay attention.

      • Re: And I found you in return!
        I've read too many books for there to be Just One favorite! I mean… Drinking Sapphire Wine (Tanith Lee), The Silicon Mage (Barbara Hambly), Cordelia's Honor (Bujold) — Those are the top three that jump to mind, but they're all doing such different things that picking Just One makes me whimper. And Their Majesty's Bucketeers (L. Neil Smith, IIRC), How Much For Just The Planet? (John M. Ford), The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (Heinline; go, go, AI)…
        [melodrama] There cannot be only one! [/melodrama]