WFC – wrapup

Posted: 9th November 2007 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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The con so good it took five days to recover from.

So, fun people at the con i wished I’d talked to more:
J.V. Jones, Lois Bujold, David Coe, Marissa Lingen, Elizabeth Bear, Kristen Britain, Julie Czernada and a half hundred others I didn’t write down the names of and didn’t know.

People I unfairly monopolized the time of:
David Drake, Sarah and Dan Hoyt, C.E. Murphy, Kate Paulk, Darwin Garrison, Ekatrina and Chris Sedia.

Ships I passed in the Con:
James Maxey, Mark Newton, Lucienne Diver, Mary Kowal, Sean Wallace, David Anthony Durham, and more…

Person I’m most likely to get into trouble hanging around with:

As much as I like talking to and listening to the non-pro’s at cons (just try to shut me up, really) I think i like last year better as a professional environment. The fans are great, and the nearly ready for publication are fun and who i depend on for my client base. But WFC is really a free form business meeting, and some pro’s felt intimidated. I noticed there were a lot who seemed bemused to be at a WFC that had  almost as many fans as industry pro’s. I know some pro’s never go to any other cons but i think there are better cons for meeting the pro’s in meet-the-fans-mode.

And now for the pics!

David Anthony Durham
David Anthony Durham… someone Tempest introduced me to, we snarked muchly…

A bad attempt at taking a pic of Lois Bujold during her reading. I blame only having been awake 45 minutes, it normally takes at least 3 hours for me to actually wake up

At one of the parties they asked us to create our imaginary friends. Rasputin and I prefer the term “non visible psychoemotional projective companion”.

And of course, Jackie Kessler who had the spot across from Sarah Hoyt at the mass autograph session. She was very nice and gave much swag.

That was my fun, busy, and dizzying WFC, next con Arisia 2008.

  • ahhh…
    One of these days, and I really need to save money for, a con sounds like a great time… I'd probably drop a thousand or more in one week, airplane, van shuttle, motel, food… Mad money…

    • Re: ahhh…
      You talk? Never. Glad you had fun. Wait until RavenCon. BFC is going to be awesome this year. Good food, good booze. plus the programming is going to be interesting.

    • Re: ahhh…
      It's worth it. It's completely worth it!

  • Did you bring me back a fangirl?

  • Would have loved to hear Lois read.

  • Person I'm most likely to get into trouble hanging around with:

    I have no idea what you mean by this! I am an innocent flower.