WFC – In Progress

Posted: 2nd November 2007 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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Morning. It’s been less than three hours since I got out of bed. Thanks to two cups of coffee, and as many quick walks in the forty or so degree air, i have achieved artificial, and shaky alertness. World Fantasy Con is it’s usual, quietly bustling self, replete with the industries name players. L. E. Modesitt just walked by, The Nielsen Haydens are in attendance. David Coe, Kristen Britain, Laura Gilman and Elizabeth Bear are wandering about, Jeremy Larsen was decked out in a zoot suit last night, and Lois Bujold actually remembered me!

I’ve run into old friends, Sarah and Dan Hoyt, Darwin Garrison, and Kate Paulk. The fabulous ladies of Carpe Libris have brought their wit and wonder to the masses. Gene Wolfe, and Patrick O’Leary are talking next to me. The fabulous Catie Murphy and her husband Ted survived a terror ride back to their hotel last night, and are still speaking to the driver. Jennifer Jackson, and Lucienne Diver are of course turning heads and making agents with lesser lists jealous, per usual. Tempest Bradford, and Jenna Waterford are having a spectacular time and bringing smiles to those with the wit to catch theirs.

Lois Bujold read from chapter five of Passage, the third Sharing Knife book. It’s due out the end of April 08.

More news, as I invent it.

  • *reads your report from WFC*
    *Takes out custom-ordered box of Crayolas, colours self Envious*
    *goes back to sort-of working*

  • Hey, Dale, can I borrow that crayon when you're done? BIG TIME envious <lj user="onyxhawke">.
    And thank you for the update so we can live vicariously through you 😉

    • help yourself, Sarah.
      And OMike — tell Sarah and Dan Hoyt I say hi, if you get the chance. I enjoyed talking to them at Liberty.
      ya lucky damn sot…

  • Panels? Conversations?
    I already know what writers are there from reading the Readings list in the program. Humph!

    • There are panels at WFC? Are you sure?

      • Gnarg! No wonder every con report I've seen so far is long lists of names–everyone is hanging out in the halls, and no one's IN the panels!

  • friends AND pretty ladies? I am jealous. BTW do me a favor. Give Sarah Hoyt and Kate Paulk hugs for me.

  • This blushing lady of Carpe Libris says thank you, you're most kind.

  • I am so briliant, I have finally figured out who you are in real life! Hi!
    I'm kind of dim with my cold right now, but I don't think that explains the previous…er…year or so….

    • It's ok, my memory works well enough to write everything i recall on a postage stamp, in 16 point font.