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Since my icon is more fitting than ever, and there are new people, and its been a while…

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  • Well I've been watching for a little while, so I'm not entirely new (I've even commented a few times). But I've also never introduced myself. Basically I sent you my manuscript and friended you here in order to keep tabs in some way without being a nuisance. You have since opted out of representing me, but your journal remained interesting, so here I am.
    I'm Jude by the way.

  • Introduction
    Currently residing in the Great Lakes region of what was known at the United States of America.
    Four completed novels ranging 98,000 to 120,000 words – historical sf, present day sf thrillers, near future sf, historical Civil War era. Currently drafting a present day series, not sure what genre to label it. Have another series on the burner, future science fiction space.
    Several screen and TV plays, turned two of the screenplays into novels.
    Robert Gage <a href="http://www.stellardestiny.com” target=”_blank”>www.stellardestiny.com