Twitter Apps

Posted: 19th March 2012 by onyxhawke in Social Media
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For those of you stalking me on Twitter, you may have noticed I sometimes alternate between posting from the UberSocial for BlackBerry, the web and now Echofon. Some of this is so i can continue conversations while I’m on the phone, some is because I’m wandering around at home…or just can’t find my phone.

One of the issues I had with Tweetdeck before eventually giving it up was that it was the definition of clunky. When I talked to @CeGannon1 about it at Boskone he said it had gotten even worse. They’d changed the interface and made it less fun.

So there you have it my two favorite Twitter apps:

UberSocial: available on several smartphone platforms

Echofon: available for windows, mac, Firefox and Chrome

What are you using? What do you like or hate about it?