About once a week I get an email via my contact form asking me; "What’s an .rtf format?" While I understand that not everyone has used computers since they were in grade school (or younger) a word processor is your main tool of work. Not knowing basic things like common file types, how to check your word count, or something else fundamental to daily work is baffling. If i went to the ER and the doctor on duty didn’t know how to use a stethoscope or how to thread the needle to stitch a bad cut I’d have one or two reservations about the rest of their job competency. More importantly, asking someone you want to be interested in your work a very basic question that about six seconds of entering a query into any given search engine will provide reams of answers for immediately causes me to ask myself; What else didn’t they research?




  • What's an .rtf format? Why, it's one of those things most word processing programs these days will offer to "save as" in a drop down menu.
    Even I know that. I'm sorry you get questions like that. :<

    • At least it shows they are paying _some_ attention. It's much less annoying than the people who send query letters through the contact form. One or three people have noted that the contact page encourages you not to do this…

  • Hey Mike, I feel your pain. Check out the deconstruction I did of a query I received recently.
    (Try that again, sorry!)

    • I posted a very slightly sanitized one like that a year or two back. Everytime I think I'm jaded enough not to even react to stuff any more… someone builds a better mouse, so to speak.

      • I wasn't exactly surprised at any of the mistakes. It was more that they were all together in just 66 words. Amazing.

        • The one I posted that I don't quite recall when was similar and longer.
          I'm always amazed at such efficiency.

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