Today I was busy

Posted: 14th April 2009 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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It was 11:14pm ET when I started this post eight minutes after I got home, as I mentioned I’ve been busy. I signed a new client, one Irene Radford. The divine mind behind the Dragon Nimbus series, the Star God’s series, and Merlin’s Descendants series, among others. Go buy dozens, they’re good reading and it will help me sell more of her stuff. You can go read this fab ladies far more interesting blog here:


The other thing I did was talk to a writers group. Somehow they managed to put up with me for two hours of talking and still invited me to Friendly’s for soda and ice cream afterwards. I had fun, they were a great audience attentive, inquisitive and they even laughed at my jokes. It was a fun day, but seven hours out of the house did cut into how much attention I could pay to the world. If the world ended, we were invated by aliens or anything like that please tell me.

  • Congrats on the new client! Her stuff looks really neat!
    I'll have to check her out next time my to-be-read stack falls below several dozen books. Bleh! But looks like good stuff. Very interested, indeed!

    • She's a sweetheart too.

      • ALWAYS a plus!
        Hope I get to meet her one of these cons!

      • I can testify to that–and she's a very good ballet teacher, too!

  • Irene Radford is a super writer. You scored!

    • 🙂
      I have a few of those on my list. I just need to convince the editors of this.

      • Yes, you do! ^_~

      • Yep__I bought one of Dave Freer’s books. Haven’t read far yet, but he’s nifty!

        • Which one?

          • A Mankind Witch

            • Nice choice, its more serious than Rats, Bats & Vats or Pyramid Scheme & Pyramid Power, but there are some good jokes in there. Enjoy.

  • I have Irene Radford's Dragon books, and she's really nice too.

  • Glad to hear that she's picked up representation. I loved the Merlin's Descendants series and just picked up one of the Tess Noncoire Adventures she wrote as P.F. Frost.

  • You go! I like Irene Radford's writing, very clean and understandable.