Thought, Attention, and Intent

Posted: 10th October 2012 by onyxhawke in Question of the Day

Paying attention is something we all struggle with occasionally. Sometimes a topic isn’t interesting, sometimes the speaker is boring or manages to push one of our buttons with some mannerism most people don’t notice. Other times we just aren’t putting much effort into the experience. Here’s two items for the first I’ll ask, what your response to the premise of the study is:

You can either listen to the story above, or click this link to read it.

Next is the question of intent. The explicit text of the picture is pretty clear. One critter is asking another about their faith. Ask any writer who’s been baffled by reviews, or simply look at the reviews for any movie with 100+ reviews and you’ll be forcibly reminded that not everyone reads the same subtext in things. Some of the differences are cultural, some are age or gender tied, and still others are based on personal experiences with one or more pieces of the content.


So here’s the questions for you:

  1. How often do you get completely lost in something?
  2. When doing things, what helps you focus?
  3. What if anything did you find distracting about the audio of the story if you listened?
  4. What subtext do you get from the picture?

I’ll answer if four or more people do.