The Facebook Experiment

Posted: 17th August 2012 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized

Facebook. It annoys me. It amuses me. We’ve all been led to believe it’s useful in business, nay critical. So at 12:40am on August 9th, I deleted my account. When I got shanked by the front office of Facebook, and was forcibly converted from a marginally useful interface to a design that is just godawful, I decided to test something that I’d been curious about since General Motorspulled their advertising from Facebook.

As most of you know, I’m reasonably active on Twitter (@Onyxhawke) and my old LiveJournal account is still there. So is the contact form on my website. And since you’re most likely reading this right here at Http://

At 11:30am on August 10 (35 hours later) I got the first message asking what happened to my account. It was from a client. That was the only message I got. When I returned to Facebook after a week, I was down seven friends, and no one commented in the first 40 hours of my return.

So the question is, at least for business people: Is Facebook worth it?