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Just before Christmas I came to a tentative deal for two books with the fantastic folks at DAW books. Seeing as the wheels of publishing turn slowly, it took a tiny bit of time to get all the details nailed down. Since then poor Marshall has been sitting on the knowledge he had finally gotten […]

News: Sale

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Two weeks ago it was Irene Radford, last week it was James Enge with the announcements. This week, as he broke through his Facebook Fan Page it is Dave Freer’s  turn. The vital statistics: Two books to Pyr. A new steampunk universe called The Drowned Empire. The first entitled Cuttlefish follows the events of a […]

News: Sale

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Last week, was the fabulous Irene Radford’s turn This week, World Fantasy Award Nominee James Enge  is the writer with the deal. The vital statistics:Three book deal to Pyr, starring Morlock Ambrosius.Cash: Raise over last sale. Promotional babble:Those of you who have met Morlock will get to run the streets with him a bit earlier […]

News: Sale

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The vital statistics:Silent Dragon and two sequels were sold for Irene Radford  to DAW. Together they are the long awaited return to the world first brought to us by Glass Dragon.Cash: Raise over last sale. Promotional Babble:The children of Jaylor, Brevelan and Darville are growing up, and will take center stage in this trilogy. For […]

News: James Enge

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James Enge has sold a second sequel to the forthcoming The Blood Of Ambrose. April twenty first will be the first time you can get your hands on The Blood of Ambrose, and the recently turned in sequel This Crooked Way is due on shelves this October. Pre-order and conquer!(edited twice, once for a correction, […]

Blood of Ambrose

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For those of you who won’t be satisfied with buying twenty or thirty printed copies of James Enge’s Blood of Ambrose, it will be available from Audible as well. I’ll let you know when it is available.


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Dave Freer has sold the serial rights to his unpublished novel Save the Dragons to Jim Baen’s Universe. It will appear across six issues. Dave commented on it in his LJ, an SfScope posted the news as well. Speaking of Dave, it is a strong sign of how warped the world is that i have […]