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So, cooking, its something we do. Arguably all sentient races will have some form of food variation and arrangement that they engage in, which may or many not include the application of heat. Last night I experimented with a staple; stuffed, roasted chicken. I wanted to do two things; combine things I never had before, […]

One of the most fascinating things about Homo sapiens is our adaptability. Think of the athlete who trains year round, the neurosurgeon who makes cuts using a robot and a laser that are minute, the statistician who carries a hundred 20 character or more formulas n their head, and person who speaks twelve languages are […]

Somehow I failed to notice that it it was National Adoption month. Fortunately the nice folks at Adopt Us Kids tweeted a reminder: Which prompted me to think: Why aren’t their any notable, positive adoption stories in science fiction and fantasy? I’ve read close to a five digit figure of science fiction and fantasy stories […]

Bobby Seale Speeches

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Bobby Seale had a different,style of speech than other black civil rights leaders. He was more accessible, less metaphorical, more realistic and less idealistic than Martin or Malcolm. A 1998 speech His birthday is coming up, if you appreciate his speech,he’s got a couple books out including a cookbook. His website is:

As a geek, I read a lot. Most of it I understand, some of it I enjoy, but often it is just horribly written. So while discussing things with the dynamic Kate Paulk as we lamented not being at either of the big cons, I came up with an idea that would probably solve a […]

Life as we know it is built out of DNA. DNA is composed of four nucleic acids. They pair up and construct short sections of three to grow into everything we know. Humans, rabbits, star fish, hummingbirds, spiders, all the same tiny pieces arranged differently. Guanine, Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine all appear in amounts that are […]

As a student of history, and enough of a glutton for punishment to observe today’s politics I wonder if it could happen. Could we see, in the next five to fifty years a new Reformation? The Catholic Church was rocked by the sex abuse scandal. It is still dealing with backlash from its actions and […]

I’m not a city boy, never have been and unless I get on the wrong side of some demonic force, I hope never to be. One of the unadulterated joys of living someone place you can see the sky is seeing the sky.  Nature’s mobius-strip of light, and multidimensional map of the universe. The moon […]

As a reader I’ve been unfortunate enough to see two of my favorite series die recently. They are still being published, and the writers are still packing words between the covers. Unfortunately at some point the core value of the series died, at least for me. I’ve read both series for the last half decade […]

Question of the day

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If the library of Alexandria was never lost, what is the most post significant change to the world?  

Alternate History

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I don’t read a whole lot of alternate history, and don’t receive much in slush. I suspect partly that’s because I don’t care for for it as a top three reading choice, and partly because aside from the badly written stuff pretending to be the real McCoy there just isn’t that much of it written. Well, here’s […]

Sorry for the long absence, nothing I’ve thought of related to writing and publishing has arrived in my head lately that wasn’t fit to peel paint and melt the steel or concrete behind it. I’ll be delving into politics today, with the reminder that I am not a member of any political party. One of […]

Repetitive Writing Is Bad

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Nope. Not talking about writers who use the same phrases or names half a hundred times. Something I read yesterday got me thinking. I’m talking about prolific writers who write in the same series or universe over and over, and over, and over again for years. Two or three of the writers I’m thinking of […]

Earth Like Planet

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The/a first "earth like‘ planet has been confirmed (at least as well as can be done without a visit). It’s just about twenty light years away. So assuming reasonable comfort to get their and that you could take say 125lbs of cargo with you. Would you go? What would you take? I’d go, even if […]

I was having conversation with a good friend on their blog, that isn’t all that unique, but is one I find myself drawn into everytime it comes up (unless there’s someone I just can’t stand in the conversation) its nearly a death and taxes level certainty. I’ve probably been involved in some variation of the conversation a dozen […]

While I’m waiting for more entries for the bad cover letter contest. I figured I’d say a little bit more about what it takes to become published or picked up by an agent. The "it" or portion of "it" that I as a reader, agent and sales schlep is "what" and "who" are operative. What […]

Writing Prompt!

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Stretch the minds, flex the fingers, and here we go: Pick one Setting: Space ship Shopping mall Hot springs Pick one Character: Buyer Buddhist Monk Brain suregon Pick 3 Words that most be central to the plot and appear in your first 1000 words: Crystal Coal Claymore Centipede Centrifugal Chlorine Gans Camping gear Crossroad Contamination […]

I Am Not A Wall

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There are times when I become convinced that people who send me their work think they are trying to cook spaghetti and not get a book published. These people have me half convinced my submission guidelines are all written using Polish words, Bantu grammar, and that they still only appear on my website about as […]

I’m really trying to attack the small e-mountain that is my submission backlog, but had an unhelpful thought foisted off on me by my occasional exo-brain Mo. What if i did a week of rejections using nothing but movie lines as the rejections. Then I realized that’d be opaque and make me look even crazier […]

One of the things I’ve noticed about even some of the really good books in the science fiction – fantasy continuum is what isn’t there. Of the most enduring books and longest running series, they all cut a wide swathe through the mainstream of social and cultural events and activities. Sherlock Holmes plays a musical […]