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Good Day, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many very smart, talented and interesting people in the years I’ve attended conventions and been part of the professional end. It’s been an undiluted pleasure to meet people like Elizabeth Bear, David Drake, and Lois McMaster Bujold. I’ve met artists and editors, publisher, agents and publicists. The […]

Just before Christmas I came to a tentative deal for two books with the fantastic folks at DAW books. Seeing as the wheels of publishing turn slowly, it took a tiny bit of time to get all the details nailed down. Since then poor Marshall has been sitting on the knowledge he had finally gotten […]

One of Saturn’s moons, the one named for the Olympians predecessors, appears to have some lakes at the equator, which surprises the scientists. Religion and freedom prove that nothing is truly free. Ukrainian bears and vodka are having a parting of the ways. I wonder how they got them to admit they had a problem? […]

These are some of the posts that will make a passable introduction to what I think, what I like, and what I’ve seen.   The Essential Why, a June 09 post on what it takes to draw people in . Prologue Sin #2 (which was the first of the prologue sin posts I’ve written, ya […]

The Importance of Being Earnest

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Most of the people who know me are familiar with the fact that I’m not equipped with the "fight or flight" instinct. I’ve been afflicted with the blissfully less common "fight or fight harder" version. One of the few upsides of it is that I tend not to have to curb-stomp anyone more than once. The […]

Once upon a time I heard (or maybe read) a well known writer (who is unimportant but you’ve heard of them) lament the need to be an author and that it got in the way of their writing (aka the fun part). Said writer is not exactly the raging extrovert a certain number of those who […]

One of the impactful questions that lurks behind the question of self publication (or in some cases micro-presses and scam organizations) is: Why does self-publishing have a stigma? There are two answers to this, the first is the simple one, the second will no doubt get me unfollowed on twitter, unfriended on Facebook, and generally […]

Having a blast at Ravencon, per usual. My flight out Friday morning was perfect, we boarded a bit late, but I’ve never seen such a large jet have everyone boarded and belted so fast. If i had to guess I’d say it took less than fifteen minutes for the nearly two hundred folks on board […]

Where’s the value?

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Seriously people, I can’t say I’m shocked at getting snarky replies to slush rejections. I keep the reading schedule as tight as life and other four letter words allow, but I just don’t see the value of it. Unless you are dead certain you will never need to work with someone in the future, the worth of […]

I’m really trying to attack the small e-mountain that is my submission backlog, but had an unhelpful thought foisted off on me by my occasional exo-brain Mo. What if i did a week of rejections using nothing but movie lines as the rejections. Then I realized that’d be opaque and make me look even crazier […]

The names have been changed to protect well, no one It was just fun to do. I thought after the delightful weekend battle of the titans, that the publishing industry could use a slightly more amusing bit of nonsense to talk about. Friend: You deal with writers, right? Me: Yes. Me: Why? Friend: Interested… Me: […]

Spell it right

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I know one of the things that always get’s my goat in submissions is failure to spell check. I’m okay with a spelling error here and there that wasn’t caught, It happens. But a clear and present failure is absurd. There is no way anyone who can email me a submission can fail to find some […]

Agent’s Value

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There have been a few posts lately about the value of agents across the internet. Some by agents, some by writers who love their agents, and some by people who seem to think agents are on the far side child molesters on their list of favorite kinds of people. Leaving completely aside the debate of […]

About once a week I get an email via my contact form asking me; "What’s an .rtf format?" While I understand that not everyone has used computers since they were in grade school (or younger) a word processor is your main tool of work. Not knowing basic things like common file types, how to check […]

This months tempest in a tea-cup is based on the thin skin of people who might be the topic of discussion. That’s right ladies, gentlemen, writers and readers of all ages, we’re talking Queryfail. A great summary of the event is posted by Jim MacDonald over at Making Light, and while there’s not much to […]

Posted without comment

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Oh Joy

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Not that I’ve been around much lately, but expect me not to be reading anyone’s LJ for a few days until the current round of "X is a racist. Y is a bigot. Z is a fathead just stirring shit up is over." There are two reasons for this: 1) Drama is a nice thing […]

Remedial Agent Seducing

Posted: 19th February 2009 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several of my competitors over the last couple years. While we all have our own personalities, we do have several things in common. Near the top of that list is a dearth of time. This is true of those of us building our lists, and those who have lists […]

Well, as some readers know World Fantasy Con isn’t like most other cons. In fact it’s not like any other convention I’ve ever been too. It’s probably the only gathering in the industry where the professionals out number the fans. It’s also one of the largest gatherings of pros, with the least programming to get […]

I really do wonder how it is that I, or any agent or editor is expected to believe that some people believe they deserve to be read when they can’t even put the energy into finding out the basics of submission. Never mind following all of them in their varied and sometimes insane variations. Just […]