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James Enge mentioned two cons he was planning on for next year. One was one of my favorite haunts in the Mid Atlantic states, the other was one of those cons nearly everyone goes to at least once. As I mentioned on Facebook, James and I have both gotten our copies of This Crooked Way […]

Those who were at Lunacon will be unsurprised that the Good is by far the longest section. The good:I arrived just before seven pm Thursday, having not eaten since mid day, I was merely famished. Dave & Barb Freer were in the lobby ready to start eating anyone who stopped moving, or was wearing an […]

Guest blog: Chris McMahon

Posted: 23rd March 2009 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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                                                Con Report — Lunacon 2009 Hilton Rye Town  

The human mind is capable of doing amazing things. When you think of if, it’s rather amazing we haven’t made more technological advances. The first airplane was designed without the aid of computers, and the general principles of aerodynamics are not much changed since that time. Someone decided that the funny stuff growing in a […]