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The Thorn of Dentonhill is now available for preorder. If you’ve somehow missed the drop dead gorgeous cover, this is it: The Thorn of Dentonhill is a damn fine book. I’ve had the privilege of reading three additional books in this universe and pre-ordering by YOU will impact how many books are printed, sent to […]

Just before Christmas I came to a tentative deal for two books with the fantastic folks at DAW books. Seeing as the wheels of publishing turn slowly, it took a tiny bit of time to get all the details nailed down. Since then poor Marshall has been sitting on the knowledge he had finally gotten […]

Why Are You Reading This?

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You heard me! Why are you reading this? Oh wait. Let me guess. You’re that one person who has already bought, read, reviewed, and shared, on all your social networks The Broken Dragon? You know the latest in Irene Radford’s long running universe from DAW books? That’s the book with this lovely cover: I mean, […]

News! Short Sale and Return to A Universe

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The amazing Marshall Ryan Maresca will be part of a stellar cast in the upcoming Rayguns Over Texas which you’ll be able to put your hands on at LoneStarCon 3 aka Worldcon 2013.   A little bit sooner than that, in February in fact,¬† is the release of the fabulous¬†Irene Radford’s Silent Dragon her return […]

News: Sale

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Two weeks ago it was Irene Radford, last week it was James Enge with the announcements. This week, as he broke through his Facebook Fan Page it is Dave Freer’s  turn. The vital statistics: Two books to Pyr. A new steampunk universe called The Drowned Empire. The first entitled Cuttlefish follows the events of a […]

News: Sale

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Last week, was the fabulous Irene Radford’s turn This week, World Fantasy Award Nominee James Enge  is the writer with the deal. The vital statistics:Three book deal to Pyr, starring Morlock Ambrosius.Cash: Raise over last sale. Promotional babble:Those of you who have met Morlock will get to run the streets with him a bit earlier […]

News! 3 For 1

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The talented, charming, talented, engaging, talented, lovely, talented and did I mention talented Calie Voorhis has been a busy lady. She’s sold three stories recentlyDOA to the Extreme Terror Anthology (forthcoming) The Andromeda Spaceway’s Inflight Magazine will also be featuring her work: Merchants Run (issue 51) Murmer to the anthology: Anywhere But Earth (2011) You […]

News! News! News!

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News on two clients today.Chuck Gannon’s collaboration with Steve White, In Extremis has been turned in, you should visit Baen’s Bar and ask in Toni’s Table when this new addition to the Star Fire saga will be unleashed.  The One Book Many Brisbanes anthology featuring Chris McMahon and a host of others has had it’s […]

Science In My Fictiom contest

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The great folks at Crossed Genres have just anounnced a new contest. The Science in My Fiction contest will hopefully bring the genre closer to its roots. Here’s what the editors have to say: Hi all, The Crossed Genres "Science in My Fiction" short story has been announced! here are some relevant links:Announcement: fiction-contest/ […]


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Chris McMahon has won a place in one of Australia’s major anthologies. His story Under The Queen’s Skirts. The One Book Many Brisbanes’ is due out in May, and will include other writers of talent. This is his second time as a winner in this contest. His first was 2005’s Mutagh’s Fury. Chris McMahon can be […]


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For those who missed it during the Genre Unbound broadcast last night, we passed along some important news. The sixth volume in the Starfire universe will be penned by Chuck Gannon and Steve White. Many of you will remember that Chuck Gannon was a key part of the creation of the Traveller and 2300 A.D. […]

Radio Show

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The count down begins! I managed to create a login for blogtalk radio show using my Facebook account. Listen for an announcement during the show. Moshe from Tor has been replaced by Toni from Baen.  

Thursday night at 9pm ET I will be taking part in the radio show Genre Unbound with author David Lee Summers, host David Boop, and an editor from Tor Books. There is a chat room that we’d love some people to show up in on Facebook see David Boop’s profile for more info.  

Press Release

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Book View Cafe to Partner with Smashwords Book View Café has announced it is partnering with Smashwords to distribute its growing ebook catalogue. “Smashwords is taking a truly dynamic approach to ebooks,” said Book View Café Project Manager Sarah Zettel. “From the beginning, BVC has promised readers the books they want, when they want them. […]

Email outage

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Hello, I had an email outage from approximately 1/7 to early am 1/11 on all addresses at If you have tried to email me things are working properly again. I am also reachable through Facebook, Twitter and by phone. During the outage I was able to send email, but was not receiving any, Thanks and apologies, […]

Press release

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BOOK VIEW CAFÉ LAUNCHES ROCKET BOY AND THE GEEK GIRLS Book View Café, the Internet’s only professional author cooperative, announces the creation of Book View Press. Book View Press will expand the Café authors’ mission of bringing the best online fiction to the readers by bringing new work ready-to-read on the most popular ebook devices, […]


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Dave Freer who’s Dragon’s Ring is on shelves now is now on Twitter as davefreersf and I’ve started an account I will probably not use much (nor post pages full of my Tweets here, nor link to my FB account…) but for the fun of it, for every ten people have are following me by 8pm ET […]

Returning market

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The Nth Degree is Back!


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P.R. Frost news from Fresh Fiction: FAERY MOON was chosen to be a Fresh Pick at Fresh Fiction. Your cover and a link to FAERY MOON will appear on every page of on June 19, 2009 and mailed to the subscribers of the Fresh Pick newsletter on June 19, 2009. We’ll also Twitter and […]

New Release

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P.R. Frost has a new release. Faery Moon has been unleashed on bookstores everywhere. Please help the staff in your neighborhood store fit more things onto the shelves by buying two or three copies.