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About one percent of the worlds population meets the clinical definition of psychopath. Now, more ways of parsing that one percent from the ninety nine percent have been developed based on the way they speak. (#OccupyInstitutions¬† ?) Apple sues and loses to a tablet competitor in Spain. One of the most famous crops in America […]

Pre-primer primer & housekeeping post

Posted: 3rd September 2011 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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So, among the half hundred reasons for leaving Livejournal was that I wanted to put together a list of posts for new readers to start with. They can be things on the business. Posts about editing and critiquing are certainly on the menu. Pretty much anything current readers have found enjoyable, useful, enlightening or whatever. […]

Some people argue against the evolution of fire breathing dragons based on silly things like never having met one or even the issues that could be involved in the creation of fire.¬† Well, we know the second one isn’t as much of an issue as some people would have you believe based on the bombardier […]

For the math geeks and curious writers.

Posted: 15th February 2009 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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Enjoy, or have your eyes cross…

Posted: 25th November 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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It always pays to study your history, I’ve been heard to mutter that those who don’t learn their history are doomed to keep stepping in it. There are less charitable and polite versions, but the point stand. It is sometimes easier to project the future based on past events. A conversation with several friends about […]


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I don’t normally do politics. And it’s been an interesting year to abstain from such, but this is entirely to funny not to share. Besides, I can justify it to myself by saying it’s good brain fodder for the urban fantasy and mil sf writers. Really, its a public service.

because I must share the love

Posted: 23rd August 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
Tags: , , I honestly have no clue as to what the community is, but this comment is funny.

Something neat

Posted: 13th July 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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For those of us using a cranky desktop, I found a neat little tool on that can help prevent those nasty crashes. It’s called FreeRam XP Pro (it works for several versions of Windows) and it’s free.

Seven deadly words…

Posted: 18th June 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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I found this over on and can’t believe I didn’t see it on my flist. It should be noted that a great many of the words and phrases mentioned in the article, and the comments are frequently seen in  query, synopsis, or cover letter.

Best Advice

Posted: 15th June 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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There is so much bad information out there about the publishing industry, and writing, and how to find an agent that i was wondering what posts people had seen that had good advice. Got a link or two to share, post them in comments. Here’s a few i found interesting. * […]

I’ve decided to go for something hilarious instead.

More Brain Fodder!

Posted: 2nd May 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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Love how strange: Mating Intelligence: Marriage != higher happiness: Celebrated failure…. Interspecies sex (Seen before the 300 links in my flist) The Virgin Jawsy: Silk, light, and sex…

Life (or at least time and energy) saver!

Posted: 28th April 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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The nice folks at had a post with several applications, one of them was an application that will help restore corrupted word files. Cheers,

Brain Fodder!!

Posted: 13th February 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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Today we feed the brain. Tough Clothes Power Suits Hot air car? Interstellar hotspot Whole lotta sweat That’s just batty Don’t be stupid

Interesting article on the brain, autism, and Asperger’s. How the grey and white wrinkly lump works. Trippy brains. What do you mean brain dead? Brain repair! Male brain, female brain, your brain my brain, wow brain (pdf), defending the brain,  no brain.