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I’m really trying to attack the small e-mountain that is my submission backlog, but had an unhelpful thought foisted off on me by my occasional exo-brain Mo. What if i did a week of rejections using nothing but movie lines as the rejections. Then I realized that’d be opaque and make me look even crazier […]


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For those who missed it during the Genre Unbound broadcast last night, we passed along some important news. The sixth volume in the Starfire universe will be penned by Chuck Gannon and Steve White. Many of you will remember that Chuck Gannon was a key part of the creation of the Traveller and 2300 A.D. […]

Radio Show

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The count down begins! I managed to create a login for blogtalk radio show using my Facebook account. Listen for an announcement during the show. Moshe from Tor has been replaced by Toni from Baen.  

Thursday night at 9pm ET I will be taking part in the radio show Genre Unbound with author David Lee Summers, host David Boop, and an editor from Tor Books. There is a chat room that we’d love some people to show up in on Facebook see David Boop’s profile for more info.  

Arisia the AASSR*

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I had a really good time at Arisia. I got to see some fans, writers and other folk I either hadn’t met or haven’t seen in too long.


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Judging by the fact that several people have showed me links to things that happened at Worldcon, or blog posts about them… I’m not entirely sad I missed it.  Anyone go and actually have fun and not get involved with something that led to a massive flamewar?

Better copy.

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In this copy you can read the cover blurbs and jacket flaps.

Dragon’s Ring Cover

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The long anticipated truly drool worthy cover to Dragons Ring by Dave Freer (click to enlarge).

ASR – Three for the fun

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I really enjoyed all three of these books, and each is different from the other. Two were my introductions to the writing of the authors, one was a second trip into a twisty mind. First up was The Demons Lexicon this is a YA by Sarah Rees Brennan set in the UK. The main character […]


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I had a lot of fun at the Q&A panel today, and was shocked by the number of people who showed up and were a very entertaining crowd to work with. The mil-sf panel was killer, Julie Cochrane, Bud Sparhawk, Mike McPhail, Chuck Gannon and myself along with an assist to several great audience members […]

Those who were at Lunacon will be unsurprised that the Good is by far the longest section. The good:I arrived just before seven pm Thursday, having not eaten since mid day, I was merely famished. Dave & Barb Freer were in the lobby ready to start eating anyone who stopped moving, or was wearing an […]

Lunacon interim report

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Sightings and hug-bys: Mary Robinette Kowal, Ian Randal Strock, Joshua Palimatier, Lawrence Schoen, Bob Eggleton, Kate Paulk, Jeff Warner, Gail Martin and of course all the Guests. Oh, and Mercedes Lackey reccomended More later.

One of the more important early sites is: More throughout the Con

I’m not sure I’ll ever figure out the publishing industry. Leaving aside some of the arcane intricacies of how things are paid for, and the interesting paths a book may take from writer to publisher to book stores, there are all sorts of weird things going on. The latest and at least to me most […]

It is your last chance to vote in the P&E polls.Dave Freer & Eric Flint are ahead in the Best SF/F Novel and Dave is currently near the top of the best Author ranks. Go vote! In the other categories, friends of mine that I’m told were nominated included Sarah Hoyt, James Enge (for a short), […]


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Perhaps the most interesting balancing act in the world is that of balancing the world’s view of you as articulated in nuance, deed, and word by those around you and your own view of self. Sometimes, the world has a more accurate view of you than you yourself can claim, or will admit to. Sometimes […]

Anti Slush Report a fantastic foursome

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   First up was Amsterdam by the redoubtable Elizabeth Bear. I really liked this one, it has an episodic feel with each chapter leading into the next, but semi distinct. The first chapter feels like The Orient Express which I suspect is as accidental as pulling your own teeth. The main characters are fun, and […]

Scalzi says

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John Scalzi, he of the internet Mecca the Whatever blog has posted about Dave Freer’s latest book. He mentions that it is an idea book, and much like his Old Mans War it has real character development, and real live plot. Go see what other people have to say.

Straight from the writers

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I asked a couple of the writers in the Better off Undead anthology about their stories,   Dave Freer says: "If you are writer who has ever wondered just how some works of ‘literary genius’ escaped the toilet, and adore the taxman, read this." Jay Lake says of his story:  Zombie chef searching for an out […]

Well, as some readers know World Fantasy Con isn’t like most other cons. In fact it’s not like any other convention I’ve ever been too. It’s probably the only gathering in the industry where the professionals out number the fans. It’s also one of the largest gatherings of pros, with the least programming to get […]