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So, I got bored the other day. This is always a problem. But I got bored while trying to find a way to come up with a way to get people to actually post reviews to books I know are being bought and read.   So with the launch of Frozen in Amber from the […]

Just before Christmas I came to a tentative deal for two books with the fantastic folks at DAW books. Seeing as the wheels of publishing turn slowly, it took a tiny bit of time to get all the details nailed down. Since then poor Marshall has been sitting on the knowledge he had finally gotten […]

Baffled By Editors And Agents?

Posted: 27th August 2012 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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Note for this post the definition of reading is the second one discussed in this post. A lot of people wonder what makes agents and editors tick. Or more specifically, what about the jobs warps us into our peculiar jaded mass. Let’s start with the proto-agent or proto-editor who is an avid reader. They read […]

I keep telling people an important thing about my blog: I am not a writer. Really. I don’t have that urge to create. If i blog I have something to say. If i don’t blog reason number one is that anything that occurs to me to write is likely to bore me to sleep before […]

Some people argue against the evolution of fire breathing dragons based on silly things like never having met one or even the issues that could be involved in the creation of fire.  Well, we know the second one isn’t as much of an issue as some people would have you believe based on the bombardier […]


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For no apparent reason the urge to tackle the slush pile hit critical mass, and as I start writing, I'm just about two hours in, it is now 1:45 am. So far: Not one has made it past five pages, most have gone supernova in the first paragraph. I got a run of three submissions […]

While I’m waiting for more entries for the bad cover letter contest. I figured I’d say a little bit more about what it takes to become published or picked up by an agent. The "it" or portion of "it" that I as a reader, agent and sales schlep is "what" and "who" are operative. What […]

As those who watch my Twitter and Facebook accounts know, I just got my copies of Extremis by Steve White and Chuck Gannon in. So, from this Friday the 13th when I make the contest opening post until whenever it ends sometime Monday, there will be another Bad Cover Letter contest!One winner (US/Canada only) will […]

I Am Not A Wall

Posted: 20th April 2011 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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There are times when I become convinced that people who send me their work think they are trying to cook spaghetti and not get a book published. These people have me half convinced my submission guidelines are all written using Polish words, Bantu grammar, and that they still only appear on my website about as […]

One of the impactful questions that lurks behind the question of self publication (or in some cases micro-presses and scam organizations) is: Why does self-publishing have a stigma? There are two answers to this, the first is the simple one, the second will no doubt get me unfollowed on twitter, unfriended on Facebook, and generally […]

Having a blast at Ravencon, per usual. My flight out Friday morning was perfect, we boarded a bit late, but I’ve never seen such a large jet have everyone boarded and belted so fast. If i had to guess I’d say it took less than fifteen minutes for the nearly two hundred folks on board […]

One of my facebook friends asked me if I ever have time to read for fun. Yes, deities and daemons yes. If I didn’t do that, I’d probably be in a nuthouse talking to the dancing flowers. I do read a lot of slush, and read published stuff for market research, and of course for fun. While all three are […]

Thanks Stacey.

This video reminded me of some of the stories I’ve seen that have rather sharply juxtaposed elements, some working well, some working horribly most working for only a very small slice of the market. I suspect this video falls into one of the latter to categories. Thanks Mel See more funny videos and funny pictures […]


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Being an evil agent can be pretty fun. There’s kicking puppies which never gets old, telling vegetarians they smell like prey, ripping the tags off mattresses, and of course the fresh tastes of victory and vengeance as another domino falls in the plan for world conquest. Then too there is the simple ability to inspire […]

So what do you want?

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Ok, half of the reason I’ve posted so little since getting home from Worldcon is that I’m busy, the other half is just that i don’t have anything interesting to say that doesn’t require absurdist levels of four letter words. so who has something they want to see me discuss, or do on a regular […]


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I don’t normally do politics. And it’s been an interesting year to abstain from such, but this is entirely to funny not to share. Besides, I can justify it to myself by saying it’s good brain fodder for the urban fantasy and mil sf writers. Really, its a public service.

Yesterday’s  Shmoozing 101 panel was fun. Unfortunately Ginjer Buchanan wasn’t with us, but thanks to Mary Robinette Kowal and John Sclazi, it was a fantastic panel. I like panels that don’t suffer from dead air and panic as people realize they will have to actually talk instead of just sit at the table and hope […]

Yes, life has left me busy enough to nearly forget the contest. I will announce the winner in this post. I promise. But first: My panel schedule for WorldCon; 1pm Wednesday17: Schmoozing 101 CCC – Korbel 1D The art of small talk – it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Pick up some tips on how […]

More Contenders

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MrMeval turns in proof that there is no need for the agent to actually open the book with a grammatic demolition derby: “As he thrust his quavering blade into the unyeilding flesh he felt a burning power and smote the foul beast. In it’s death throws the fare maiden fell and he catches her quickly. […]