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One of the “lost” events of the civil rights struggle was the kidnapping, mutilation and murder of a 14 year old boy in the Mississippi delta for failing to follow the rules he, a visitor, was wholly ignorant of. Worse was the travesty of a trial afterwards. Simeon Wright is the cousin of that lost […]

Launch! Steam Mole

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So like many others, you’ve read Cuttlefish by now. The long awaited sequel launches NOW. NOW!! NOW!!! Steam Mole takes our intreped adventurers a little further on their journey.  Share the love with the readers you love this holiday season.  

Battlefield maps aren’t really difficult to come by, but getting one map with absolute brain breaking loads of the them from a source known for quality? Just about unheard of. Click here and drool. One of the fascinating differences between introverts, like say Charles Darwin or Albert Einstein on one hand and extroverts such as […]

Once upon a time, in a book far away the hero was not the cuddliest man for miles. It sounds like fiction, and in a way it is. Fiction reflects its germinative society. In fact it not only reflects that society, it is by necessity and evolution a symbiote of that society. Neither can endure healthily […]

Some reviews are bad, but ok because they just show the reader picked up the wrong book. I’ve done it, some books just aren’t for me and I can recognize this. I grok that not everyone thinks the same, or likes the same things. Romances, or novels that spend more wordage on emotional exploration than […]

I keep telling people an important thing about my blog: I am not a writer. Really. I don’t have that urge to create. If i blog I have something to say. If i don’t blog reason number one is that anything that occurs to me to write is likely to bore me to sleep before […]

Sorry for the long absence, nothing I’ve thought of related to writing and publishing has arrived in my head lately that wasn’t fit to peel paint and melt the steel or concrete behind it. I’ll be delving into politics today, with the reminder that I am not a member of any political party. One of […]

Reading to do

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Dave Freer turned in a new proposal, as did another client. That’s my reading, yours is of course the released as of today Thistle Down by Irene Radford. I expect to see fifty reviews on Amazon & Barnes and Noble by tonight.

News: Sale

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Two weeks ago it was Irene Radford, last week it was James Enge with the announcements. This week, as he broke through his Facebook Fan Page it is Dave Freer’s  turn. The vital statistics: Two books to Pyr. A new steampunk universe called The Drowned Empire. The first entitled Cuttlefish follows the events of a […]

Yo! In the near future I’ll be doing a guest blog or two for one or two sites. Yes, yes this is amazing since I seem to barely remember I have my own blog. But what can I say, I was bribed. Speaking of which.* If you really want something to think about bribing me with, this is […]

Dave Freer Contest entry post:

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Remember just pick a Dave Freer book, write a review, comment here and sit back and wait to win. So you can post a review of Dragon’s Ring in hard cover, of Slow Train or any one of his other works.


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Dave Freer who’s Dragon’s Ring is on shelves now is now on Twitter as davefreersf and I’ve started an account I will probably not use much (nor post pages full of my Tweets here, nor link to my FB account…) but for the fun of it, for every ten people have are following me by 8pm ET […]

Anyone spotted?

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Y’all know that both Dave Freer’s Dragon’s Ring and Jame Enge’s  This Crooked Way are on shelves for your enjoyment? Has anyone spotted them yet?

new interview

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Dave Freer has been interviewed over here:  

Save the Dragons

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Some or probably most of you already know is moving from South Africa, to Australia. He really wants to take his four legged family with him, and keep his fans happy while waiting for the next book to hit the shelves. So with the help of friends he launched this site to help cover the […]

For those who missed it….

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And I rarely do this, but It’s Dave Freer’s Birthday, also the anniversary of his first novel sale. You can wish him a happy B’day here on LJ  , on Facebook personally, and or by joining his fan page.

Dave Freer’s Dragon’s Ring has some tantalizing sample chapters right here for your pleasure. Enjoy

Better copy.

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In this copy you can read the cover blurbs and jacket flaps.

Dragon’s Ring Cover

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The long anticipated truly drool worthy cover to Dragons Ring by Dave Freer (click to enlarge).

The Essential Why?   People ask; What does it take to get published? It takes a number of things. One is certainly, luck. It is almost certainly the smallest factor, but present. Finishing a novel is another, and by finishing I don’t mean simply writing until you toss in “the end”, but polishing the delivery, […]