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I love Ravencon. You should come. Chuck Gannon is here, and busy paneling. Go look for him. Some really good panels this year, even by Ravencon standards. Morality of Magneto with the brilliant and lovely Day Al-Mohamed who is at her first Ravencon, Alhen Moin, Joan Wnedland, and Christopher was a blast. Lots of interesting […]

This months tempest in a tea-cup is based on the thin skin of people who might be the topic of discussion. That’s right ladies, gentlemen, writers and readers of all ages, we’re talking Queryfail. A great summary of the event is posted by Jim MacDonald over at Making Light, and while there’s not much to […]

Pass it on…

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While I avoid politics on LJ and in Fandom like the plague they are, I rarely turn down modest publicity. If you’re feeling the need to give to a cause, and have a novel that might need some work. Go here and bid on a critique. It should be obvious, but I will state it […]

Ravencon It’s a wrap

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Well, for another year of excellent con is over. Tear down is done, and the Dead Dog has been doused with booze and food. I had two panels this morning, the second half of Allen Wold’s writing workshop which was fun, but i think we’d scared off a couple of the participants. After that was […]

Wow! What a response, it looks like there’s about a twenty five percent increase over last year. And quality wise, i think the percent that made it past chapter one is almost absurdly high. Right now, I’m probably going to do the one that’s open and then call it a day. Yes I know I’m […]

Winter Workout inbox now open

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Let the madness begin. The Winter Workout is here and you may now submit. You may also tell ten friends, or even twenty. Cheers, Mike

The very firm, probable date for the Winter Workout is 12/28. If I have to reschedule I will post then. Submission period will start at least 24 hours ahead of time and run until about 8am on the 28th.

I shall post three links. These links are not safe for work. I repeat NSFW! The first is a link to something every  writer, editor, and agent should be required to read yearly. The second is a review and critical analysis of a history on American foreign policy since the end of the Cold […]

In my last entry I asked what have you learned about writing this year? I was hoping for brilliance among my LJ readers, and per usual was not disappointed. The intellectually incandescent sartorias said:   “When you (meaning me) think you’re done, you’re not. Then you have to go through and search, sentence by sentence, […]


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The very short report is that i had fun, and now I’m incredibly tired. Onward to the long report. Friday I arrived in what was a slightly larger town than I expected. They even had Dunkin Donuts, so civilization was not abandoned. The hotel, like many was revealed to be inspired by Escher as among […]


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Heyla, Its amazing since last night I’ve been on five panels and they still haven’t thrown me out! Voltaire is a very interesting speaker, although I did miss his concert. Catie Murphy gave a fantastic interview, and several fun panels. Sara Harvey is being herself! More later.

Pi-Con Schedule

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Friday: 5pm GoH Interview: Wherein I interview C.E. Murphy 6pm How to Write Pages 1-5 Kabongo(M), DeCandido, Osborne Saturday 10am Shamanistic Druids Kane, Kabongo, Murphy, Mach 11am Myth and Folklore in Fantasy Laity, Harvey(M), Kabongo 3pm Flirting Harvey, Kabongo, Ferrett, Mach, Snyder 4pm Pitch 10 minutes to an Agent Kabongo 5pm Cliches That Need Banning […]

Infodumpitis n ; a condition where the writer spends seemingly vast amounts of words on artless insertation of background information. Often complicated by needless repetition of all or portions of the information in the same body of work.

In the past couple months I’ve been talking a lot to friends, and those submitting to me about critiquing and what it should do. One of the reoccurring themes is that it has to be explicitly honest, and how the recipient of the critique has to create and maintain emotional separation from their work. For […]


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I think, one day i may have to write my own lexicon of frequently used writing terms. It’ll probably save no amount of time for my friends and clients if i send it to them along with my critiques… Now if i just had time to write it.