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I love Ravencon. You should come. Chuck Gannon is here, and busy paneling. Go look for him. Some really good panels this year, even by Ravencon standards. Morality of Magneto with the brilliant and lovely Day Al-Mohamed who is at her first Ravencon, Alhen Moin, Joan Wnedland, and Christopher was a blast. Lots of interesting […]

Ravencon Schedule

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Friday: 10pm Morality of Magneto in New River Saturday: 11AM to 1pm Allen Wold’s Writers Workshop (You may need to sign up in advance,.) 4pm Teenage Wasteland Room F Sunday: 9am Is interstellar travel possible Room e: Fair warning Mike is not a morning god, snark will be in higher concentration than usual. 11am -1pm […]

The Real: L. Jagi Lamplighter

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Jagi Lamplighter was one of the first pro writers I met, she’s still one of my fave people to run into at cons. Where:   Where are you from? I was born in Manhattan. I grew up in North Salem, NY, which is about an hour from New York City. Every day, on my way […]

Both much and nothing have been made about B&N being for sale. They say their stocks are undervalued. They also have a legal showdown at center stage as some of their largest shareholders have lawyers drawn and blood in their eye. I’m not a market genius, but I do know enough about human nature to tell […]

Arisia the AASSR*

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I had a really good time at Arisia. I got to see some fans, writers and other folk I either hadn’t met or haven’t seen in too long.

Arisia Schedule

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Sorry for the short notice, caffeine is not flowing strongly enough.   Today @ 11am The Changing Face of Fiction in Molly Pitcher Today @ 7pm Must Read Stories room 201 Sunday at 10am City As Character Paul Revere B Sunday Noon The Mechanics of Anthology Construction

Off to Arisia

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You can follow my exploits on Twitter @onyxhawke and on Facebook. I’ll also try and update my blog a couple times this weekend.  I’ve also decided to do a week of guest blogs sometime in the near future, and since y’all have been following me for the longest I figured I’d mention it here first.  One […]

Here and there, or Where

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So far I’m planning on two cons for sure for 2010. My annual pilgrimage to the wilds of Cambridge Ma for Arisia is locked and loaded. I should be there late Friday night through mid morning Monday. I’ll be in the overflow hotel. And of course Ravencon, land of delights and devilry will once more […]

The Con Game

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Having gotten buried in reading, both work and fun, I completely neglected to book a flight for Ravencon this year. That’s now done. Next years con schedule is rounding out too. It looks like; Boskone, Norwescon and World Fantasy Con.

Tremble and Despair for I am Booked

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I was invited back to Ravencon and being a well run con they had me up on their website months ago. Being an airhead, I managed to forget to book room. I’ve just done so. Now i just need to figure out if I’m flying, driving, or taking the train. Ravencon is great, and anyone who’s […]

Lunacon headcount

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So, who’s coming for sure, who hopes to make it and when are you arriving for Lunacon? I’ll be there early Friday. You can see the list of who’s who and their schedule here.

Conjecture has wrapped and i met some fun people. Getting to meet sartorias , shweta_narayan ,gregvaneekhout and half a dozen others was fun. I got to catch up with old friends, and was saved the wrath of a con chair when someone else brought up a topic i was told not to mention. Conjecture was […]

Yes, life has left me busy enough to nearly forget the contest. I will announce the winner in this post. I promise. But first: My panel schedule for WorldCon; 1pm Wednesday17: Schmoozing 101 CCC – Korbel 1D The art of small talk – it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Pick up some tips on how […]

Bittercon! Announcement!

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I declare a Bittercon for this weekend. It will start at 3pm eastern time on 2/15 and run through 2/17 at 10pm et or so… What con am I bitter about missing? Boskone! So for those interested in joining, pick a topic or two, post! Then post a link here in the comments for […]

    Last night as I was for some inexplicable reason watching Celebrity Rehab and thinking about what to post for Bittercon., i was struck by a thought. That thought was struck by a question. After filing assault charges and a brief flirtation with a civil suit, I decided that I’d go with thought, that I’d […]


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Yeeee-Ha!! I’ve got my flight to Ravencon booked. You should book yours too.

WFC – wrapup

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The con so good it took five days to recover from. So, fun people at the con i wished I’d talked to more:J.V. Jones, Lois Bujold, David Coe, Marissa Lingen, Elizabeth Bear, Kristen Britain, Julie Czernada and a half hundred others I didn’t write down the names of and didn’t know. People I unfairly monopolized […]

I ran into J.V. Jones, who i hadn’t know was coming, and must have publisher her first novel at twelve. Sean Wallace of Prime Books and I exchanged quips about slush and rejection letters we wished we could write, I hope no listening took either of us too seriously. Alan Dean Foster was quietly conversing […]

WFC – In Progress

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Morning. It’s been less than three hours since I got out of bed. Thanks to two cups of coffee, and as many quick walks in the forty or so degree air, i have achieved artificial, and shaky alertness. World Fantasy Con is it’s usual, quietly bustling self, replete with the industries name players. L. E. […]

WFC and me

Posted: 30th October 2007 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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Anyone who wants or needs to make an appointment to see, pitch a book, pick my brain or get me liquored up can contact me either via the contact form on my website, or calling me. Appointments are not needed, they just give you priority. Feel free to walk up and say “Hi, i’d like […]