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Conjecture has wrapped and i met some fun people. Getting to meet sartorias , shweta_narayan ,gregvaneekhout and half a dozen others was fun. I got to catch up with old friends, and was saved the wrath of a con chair when someone else brought up a topic i was told not to mention. Conjecture was […]


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I had two panels today, one with Stoney Compton, and a couple others whose names escape me. And another that I’ll cover later. This is a video of some of the performers from last night. Special note for the people who were annoyed at the performers. I am much meaner than they are. Oh yes, […]


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Howdy ho! I’m here, you should be too. Today i have two early panels, one at 10am “Science and the Art of Logistics” followed immediately by a panel on writers groups at 11:30. David Drake i believe has three back to back panels this morning. He is braver than I. Jason Cordova has brought his […]

Conjecture! My schedule

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The fabulous ladies and gentlemen at Conjecture have given me my schedule, I’m pleased. Friday 4-5&change Pitch Session / Agent Q&AMike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo Friday: 5:30 Zombie Ninja Monkey Pirate RobotsMike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo, Batton Lash, John W. Oliver, Martin Young Saturday 10amThe Science and Art of LogisticsStoney Compton, Rick Galli, Mike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo, Jefferson P. Swycaffer […]

Denvention…day three

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Yes, this is really late. Day three was like today a day where there were no scheduled panels for me. It was also a busy, busy day. The only important meetings were with the Chairs of Conjecture and Lunacon. We talked about a couple idea’s and people who wanted to be there. Later i had […]

Eric, who won the cover letter contest chose to get the paperback of Pyramid Power which is due out the end of September. A fantabulous lady who is entirely too kind to a wayward bird i have an ARC of Slow Train to Arcturus to flash around at Denvention, Pi-Con and Conjecture! davefreer and jamesenge […]