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While this is probably old news to everyone other than me, Pyr in their wisdom has decided to add the sensational James Enge to their blog. So when you aren’t worshiping his words at his LJ, or Black Gate, or Flashing Swords you can join him and some moderately well know folks blogging at the Pyr blog.

  • I'm gonna die.
    Who's James Enge?

    • Q. Who is James Enge?
      A. A talented speculative fiction writer whose wry, inventive stories of Morlock the Maker have appeared in Black Gate and Flashing Swords.
      B. A really nice guy.
      C. Someone who gives me hope that it is possible to write what you love and succeed at doing it.
      D. An author who has made the jump from short story writer to novelist (with PYR) on the strength of his character and world, not to mention his writing skills.
      E. A writer who has many other intersting stories still to be told.

    • F: my client
      G: hiding at jamesenge.livejournal.com