I’m not a city boy, never have been and unless I get on the wrong side of some demonic force, I hope never to be. One of the unadulterated joys of living someone place you can see the sky is seeing the sky.  Nature’s mobius-strip of light, and multidimensional map of the universe.


The moon has played a huge part in so many religions across human history. But how often can it be seen clearly?

When we do look, do wee see omens? Do we feel hope?

In the era leading to and immediately after Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins the moon seemed close, and many thought there’d be a thriving lunar colony today, and maybe humans on Mars.

Supermoon through trees

Now it seems all the dreamers, and all the dreams have been locked away by the Veruca Salt’s and Delores Umbridges of the world. Where are the Willy Wonka’s and Don Quixotes, the ones who even in failure, pushed for happier people, broader horizons and a hope for not just the next quarter or fiscal year, but for their children and grandchildren?

Is The Next Breakthrough Coming?

So who’s going to have the next scientific breakthrough that makes the dreams of lunar life real? Will the next advance in science be something that just makes viewing the moon clearer and brighter daily, even in the cityscapes awash with light of their own? Perhaps it will be something that   wipes the smog away?


  • Dang! I lust after your pictures. (Sorry, Mike, didn’t mean to scare you!)

    • Onyxhawke

      :-p Like I’m scared that easy, I mean I do own a mirror.

      Get yourself a new Panasonic with a Lumix lens. The one that took these is five+ years old. Its a basic point and click with good zoom.

  • These photos are crap, absolute crap. 
    Who took’em, Stevie Wonder?

  • Gayle M

    Good grief, Terry Josiah.  Didn’t your mother ever tell you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything?

    • Constructive criticism.  How are you going to get better if you can’t handle the truth?

      • Mark Nicolas

        Terry: You wouldn’t be a photo snob, now would you? Best advice: get over yourself. 
        These are simply casual observations of Nature’s wonders, taken by someone who appreciates them, and cares enough about them to share them with others. Methinks you have yet so much to prove to yourself. Here’s a clue: Read Mike’s great captions. That’s a good place for you to start.
        Mike: this casual observer loves your photos. This too is terrific:

        “One of the unadulterated joys of living someone place you can see the sky is seeing the sky.  Nature’s mobius-strip of light, and multidimensional map of the universe.”

        Nicely done.

        • Onyxhawke

          I’m not all that thin skinned so no need to defend me here…and trolls make nice chew toys when I’m in the mood.

          Thanks for stopping by, and go by my clients books. 10 copies each!

      • Gayle M

        I don’t see anything constructive about your criticism.  I enjoyed the pictures.  Unlike some of the more glossy photography, they have a touch of the real thing. 

        • Onyxhawke

          I’ll be the first to say I’m not a very visual person, but yeah you’re right a lot of the over processed pics seen today might as well be cgi.

          Thanks for the visit.

      • If it was constructive criticism…you’d say more than “those photos are crap”…so you’re just a bullshit troll.

  • CrankyNugget

    If you didn’t know beforehand that these were pictures of the supermoon, would you be able to tell the difference from pictures of the regular moon?

    • Onyxhawke

      Probably no. But well, tossing highly searched terms into the internet is hardly a new thing. 🙂

      Thanks for the visit.

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