Eric, who won the cover letter contest chose to get the paperback of Pyramid Power which is due out the end of September.

A fantabulous lady who is entirely too kind to a wayward bird i have an ARC of Slow Train to Arcturus to flash around at Denvention, Pi-Con and Conjecture!


will hopefully both participate in the Bittercon that

posted about. Look for them later this week, I know Dave hopes only to be buried in the current WIP until Friday, but books happen and characters are occasionally mean.

As i mentioned elsewhere on the web, Wednesday morning for the casual breakfast I’ll have a copy of Slow Train on my table. Say hi and join me if the mood strikes you.

In theory I will get into the Sheraton around between 11 and midnight. Look for the large, tired looking black guy in the Patriots Jersey. 

I have no idea how often I’ll actually update during the con, but I’ll try for once a day.

I should probably start packing now.