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Not that judging by the number of naked queries I get, or the people who can’t seem to follow any of the existing ones, but I occasionally feel like adding a few things to my submission guidelines:

  • All submitters must have read at least 50 different SF/F authors who published more than one book before submitting. (Okay, so I’d take 25, with all shared world novels counting as one author.)
  • Story must have a plot.
  • You agree to be mocked for all the inane things you put in your cover letter, and submission requirements you fail to follow.
  • You acknowledge and understand that my first rule of accepting a submission is “would i go buy the sequel”.

Oh and 

and his readers are doing a great job poking holes in one of the things many some writers fail to notice.

  • <tee hee> Define plot.
    I've read a couple of SF/F books** lately whose plot seems to be "I thunked up a nifty premise and had my characters do some weird stuff — the end."
    I don't think they were from your client list, though. (What a kissy-B thing to say, huh?)
    **I'll have to make a tally to see if I can meet the first guideline.

    • Plot; an organization to the events in a story that logically connects the early part of the story to the end through a very high percentage of the intermediary events.
      For my fifty…