Scenario Two: Creating A New Culture & Phenotype

Posted: 19th November 2016 by onyxhawke in Colonization, Series
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Assume you’re building a colony ship and you have unlimited power over who gets on the ship and who does not. Your casus belli is a desire to create a new “race” of people, and a new society. You’ve already selected the art, food, text books, interior layout of your colony, and a hundred other details outside of the actual colonists.

Because you’re smart in addition to just being powerful, you know that sending a homogeneous group is absolutely contraindicated for created the new way you envision. Picking random individuals is likewise too prone to chaos and lack of cohesion to form a new society while you’re still living, breathing, and able to carve the next generation of leaders in the colony. You’ve done your research on what foods will grow best in the new world, and on the ship on the way and you decide you want:

  • a heterogeneous pool of people
  • small groups of people whom you can draw cultural and biological points from
  • enough homogenization over the first three or four generations that no one develops or maintains a group of racial purists
  • a single large, but centerless group of people who have similar backgrounds so that things like organ transplants can be accomplished in generations zero and one if needed.

What do you, ship owner, colony founder and social engineer do in this care:

  • select about 35-45% of the population from one genetic group who are unrelated (no siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles or parents) and don’t have any social connections (works, school, church) to each other. For this example we’ll pick San people, one of the oldest ethnic groups
  • In that group of San (or Saan) you select for folks who really are most attracted to people with markedly different appearances.
  • And next you decide that the smaller groups making up the population will each be no more than 12%, all of them selected with at least a sibling of either gender and or a group of cousins.
  • Both groups will all be 19-28, single, childless, healthy, and because of the need to ensure genetic variety interested in the opposite sex and must want children.
  • All persons selected must also speak at least their own, and whatever your designated colonial language, you might have picked Klingon, Esparanto, Lapine, Dothroki, or something boring like English, Sotho, or Korean before the ship takes off.
  • The seven(ish) social/racial groups take off with you at the helm.

What happens next is of course the big, big question.

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