Posted: 24th April 2007 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized

Ravencon was as fun as can get. I wasn’t working, but still talked shop rather informally with a couple pro’s. Certain members of the con com hinted that they definitely planned to expand the programming to include a strong publishing element. From what was said i gather their intentions were to invite a few editors, agents and the like for their 2008 con. Given that they grew over twenty five percent from year one to year two and will next year be in a larger hotel, similar or larger growth should be the order of the day. This year they were close to 600 if memory serves.

Several friends and I had a typical Barfly Central (http://bar.baen.com) rambling conversation that made the eyes of certain non-flys bug out. In the course of a couple hours it covered, at a level some PhD students would be unable to match: The viability and scalability of Communism. Communism vs Capitalism, the relative fairness of Capitalism vs Mercantilism, what Mercantilism would look like under a democracy, a republic, and a representatives democracy, some how this got us into evolution and the biological difference between men and women and how they produced different behaviors, this eventually segued into the social pressures that helped man evolve to its current state, the difference between a deity and god (yes this was fun!) and ran through a few other topics as well.

I can’t wait to be there next year.