Ravencon update 1

Posted: 26th April 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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This is such a killer con. The dealers room has actual variety, the panelists are fun, the staff are among the clue burdened.

Last night at the opening ceremony, Mike Pederson managed to put name and face together for about forty people without blinking or getting any wrong.

This morning i took part in Allen Wold’s writers workshop. This was a fun workshop, painfully early in the morning (9 am) but fun. Aside from my own sleep deprived self, Allen had Darcy Wold who reads a lot of fiction and has acute judgement, Peter Prellwitz a pro writer, and Ed Shubert editor of Intergalactic Medicine Show. We spent a couple hours proving instant, and intense feedback on a short piece of fiction. We went over some of the ‘rules’ of writing. There were two young ladies present who may just have been writing better than some of the published stuff I’ve read.

After this was the “Blogging for the Modern Writer” where Jean Marie Ward proved to be the most fabulous moderator I’ve ever seen, and was fun to talk to before panel. Jeri Smith-Ready, and Valerie Griswold-Ford were just plain awesome to be on a panel with, overall it was a low key affair.

  • I'm glad it's going so well, wish I could be there. Are you reading a poem for the podcast?
    Unfortunately, after inviting me to be a guest, they stopped answering my emails about art and table space.

  • fun
    Sounds like a great time…

  • Allen Wold is a gentleman and an awesome person. I love his writers workshop… I took it at a few cons until we agreed that I'd mastered the opening hook and I needed to, I dunno, work on -finishing- stuff…
    Darcy rocks also.
    Glad you had fun with the workshop. :>

    • It's been interesting, and I'm not sure i've managed to traumatize everyone yet. I must make my crit's even more _dynamic_ tomorrow.

  • Thank you! But I can't take any credit for the panel. You, Jeri and Val did all the heavy lifting–and made me look really good. 🙂
    Of course, that's the norm for RavenCon. The programming and the mix of guests make everyone look good.

    • Ha!
      Jeri agrees with me. I've been on panels with stifling moderators they go poorly…

  • Hey Mike, it was a real pleasure meeting you! And I agree–Jean Marie moderated two of my panels, and she's superb.