Ravencon It’s a wrap

Posted: 27th April 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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Well, for another year of excellent con is over. Tear down is done, and the Dead Dog has been doused with booze and food. I had two panels this morning, the second half of Allen Wold’s writing workshop which was fun, but i think we’d scared off a couple of the participants. After that was the “How to Critique and be Critiqued” panel. I got to moderate (silly con com) and the poor panelists who had me inflicted on them were Valerie Griswold-Ford, Charles
Gannon, and the amazing Catherine Asaro. This panel to me was very interesting, and we could have gone on for another hour or two easily, between war stories of crit’s gone bad, and what to look for in critiques we only just left before the next panel started throwing rocks at as.

I had a wonderful time at Ravencon, per usual, and want to thank all of the con com, the guests, and the attendees.

Thank you.