Ravencon 2009 AAR

Posted: 27th April 2009 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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After Friday night I never did put my contacts back in so if I didn’t recognize you, I’m sorry I couldn’t actually see you from more than a few feet away and your name tag was a total lost cause.

I really love Ravencon, and in case I didn’t mention it enough times during the con Vietnam 1 about two blocks down the road is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten at.

My Q&A/Pitch session was so packed that we never got to the pitch session. Lot’s of good questions, some of which I can predict will be asked at any given Q&A session, but loads of others too. It was nice to have an actively interested group.

The Mil-SF panel was fun, we covered a decent amount of ground, and everyone on the panel actually contributed.

If you are free the second weekend of April next year you should Ravencon on your list of things to do, the short list.

If you want to be a programing participant and couldn’t get onto the programming this year definitely start emailing soon. Most of the panels I was on or looked in on had five or six panelists.

Names you need to meet at a con: Gail Martin, Kelly Lockhart, Chuck Gannon, Peter Prelwitz, Bud Sparhawk, Allan Wold, Gray Reinhart, David Coe, Randy Milholland, James Maxey, Ed Shubert, I’ve met all of these people but Randy, Gray & Bud before and they are all fun.

Thank you again to the staff and volunteers at Ravencon, my co-panelists and the folks who helped me with the anime panel via Facebook.

  • It was great fun, wasn't it? I really enjoyed that restaurant, too. Definitely want to make Danielle's birthday a tradition.
    It was great fun seeing you!

  • Hated to miss it. Fingers crossed for next year!

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Glad I'm not the only one who had help with a panel via friends on Facebook. 😉