Ravencon did not disappoint, they found a new and larger hotel with great rooms, a hotel restarant with solid food, decent prices and drinkable coffee and of course continued having excellent panels.

 survived his very first con without a bit of panic and with his low key, wry panache. I swung into one of his panels and enjoyed it greatly. Chuck Gannon was present and much gushing could be heard by he and Steve White about their collaboration on the next Starfire novel In Extremis.

Rachelle Caine was GoH and I spoke to her a couple times throughout the con. Sara Harvey aka  brought her boundless energy to the Richmond. Kaylana Price and Gray Rinehart kept the amount of fool i made of myself doing the Query Letter and Pitching workshop to a minimum which clearly makes both of them miracle workers.

And for all the others i had fun with thank you and see you next year!

  • There was a little panic, but it didn't show through the sleep deprivation.
    Rye-panache sounds like it might be a pretty good sandwich.
    Maybe that sleep-deprivation hasn't worn off yet…
    Lot of fun this weekend, though.

  • see you next year!
    I'd say "Count on it," but let's not jinx things…

  • It was good to see you!