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Posted: 21st May 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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Ok, what do you and or your friends and loved ones play for sf/f related games? Table top? Board, Quest style fantasy, Multiplayer games like WarCraft, or First Person games. Any console games?

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    Travis plays Command and Conquer, Warcraft, at one he did Star ?something or other but the game is very old. He likes most military computer games, he'll do fantasy sometimes.
    He has a reading disability, however playing on line with other users seems to help him improve his reading.
    He does Asian style warrior games, does not play the zombie games or Bond types, he did play Hitman and of course Grand Theft Auto. Jake has an account with Game Tap that Travis uses.

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      Starcraft. Yes, that is old. But Starcraft II is coming out soon….

  • Hmm. When I was in middle and high school I loved the PC quest games like King's Quest and there was a series called Kyrandia that was humorous and fun. Oh, and Monkey Island. Now I like console games because I spend enough time at work and writing on a computer and need to get away from it occasionally. I have a PS2, and I like Kingdom Hearts and Tomb Raider and Spyro and I got a cheap but fun pirate one that's like Tomb Raider, in that he's moving crates and solving puzzles and occasionally killing bad guys. So, games with a nice mix of puzzles, skill and action. I don't have board games or anyone to play them with, and I'm too cheap for the multiplayer and I don't want to lose THAT much time to a game, fun though it sounds.

  • My current addictions are World of Warcraft and Galactic Civilizations II. Back in college, I did the obligatory Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (original edition, tyvm). Later, when I met my first husband, I switched to Palladium Rifts, which IMO, is a superior system in many ways, or so I felt at the time. Because I've decided to focus more on my writing, I stopped table-top gaming so I wouldn't split up my creativity.
    I've also mucked about with some lesser known table-top games like Paranoia and Nephilium.
    As for console games, I loved the original Zelda, all the Dragon Warrior games, and the Final Fantasy games up through X.
    That, and so much more. I've been a gamer geek as long as I've been a writer geek. It's been a bit hard to break the gamer plot habit to get into the writer plot habit, which is the major reason I quit table top rpging. Now if I can persuade my husband to stop stressing me out so much…but that's another topic.

  • MMORPGs: EverQuest and WoW.
    CRPG: sometimes Neverwinter Nights
    Tabletops: GURPS
    Card: Munchkin and general card games.
    Strategy: Chess, recently!

  • Mostly RPG & board games. Iron Dragon, both as a board game and as a computer game. Starfarers of Cataan. Munchkin. GURPS Traveller. Advanced Civilization (the board game). No console games.
    I have a friend who collects board and card games, and has into four figures of them. He'll play any of them, and hosts a weekly 'come play games' party.

  • Online MMO (City of Heroes), some console ('mech-type games, starfighter 'sim' games, side-scrolling Gradius style games), not played console in nearly a year. Back on the PC, some FPS, bunch of Mechwarrior games, bunch of Real-time Strategy games. Pencil and paper, D&D or GURPS.

  • My tabletop RPG of choice is Champions/Hero System (points at user icon) and has been since I got to college and was introduced to it. I cut my "gaming teeth" on AD&D, as I suspect almost all gamers of a certain generation did.
    My group of friends and I like board games too: Settlers of Catan, Nuke War, Wiz-War, Carcassonne, Family Business, etc.
    We've also started playing some of the more collaborative board games like Lord of the Rings and Arkham Horror, where the players all have to work together to stop a greater evil.
    We're also all addicted to the Munchkin line of games; at the moment, Munchkin: Cthulhu is a favorite (dethroning Star Munchkin). We like the Chez Geek set of games too, but not as much as Munchkin.
    Chrononauts can also be fun. And for parties, the Cheap-Ass Games like Kill Doctor Lucky are usually winners. 🙂
    My husband and I have stayed away from the MMORPGs like Everquest and World of Warcraft, basically for fear of becoming too addicted to them. 😉
    As for computer games, my husband likes first-person shooter things like Doom and Unreal Tournament, plus things like Civilization (he's been known to stay up till dawn playing Civ). I'm not much into computer games, unless you want to count computer pinball.
    This puts me in the minority, but I've never really enjoyed Fluxx, The Great Dalmuti, or Talisman.

  • I used to play a lot of Warcraft and Starcraft, but I never warmed up to Warcraft III. I plyed Diablo 1 & 2, but I thought the endings were pretty bad (1's more than 2's). And I like all the Zelda games (some more than others).
    I haven't been playing many computer/video games lately–but that may change when Starcraft 2 comes out…
    My kids play D&D and my spousal unit did in her youth. But (oddly, given my interests) I never did.

  • All of the above except MMORPGs…
    Specifically, right now:
    Table Top: a D&D game a friend is running. A WFRP game I was planning is currently post-poned to post-deadline.
    Board-games: Order of the Stick, Carcassone, and Arkham Horror have all see a lot of play time recently.
    Console Games: the Kingdom Hearts series. Lock stock and smoking barrel hold on my house 😛