If those words will appear in your cover letter, query or elevator pitch, thank you but not for me. I’ve never been a fan of topical fiction, and this is one that I dread seeing spill over into my inbox. The number of ways it can be done is essentially limitless, the number of ways it can be done wrong, poorly, or in poor taste is statistically indifferent from that. 

While obviously bin Laden’s death is a historical moment that is difficult to overstate, the actions against the terrorists are hardly conventional warfare. He may or may not have remained a linchpin for said terrorists, but in an ideology fueled war there is no front line, no clear objective, and no way to tell of you’ve won or are winning. I just don’t see the world changing overnight, and so no, if you send me a "and then the world was…" novel, it will be passed on.

  • Sadly, this probably won't do much good, but I may link to it in rejections…

  • I would dearly hope that agents haven't already started seeing this.

    • It's obligatory even if there were no completely batshit insane people thinking that would be their ticket to fame, fan service and spamburgers.

  • Anonymous

    If you can get a "based on the true story" novel out on the shelves in six months called THE DEATH OF OSAMA BIN LADEN" – which you can if you rush – you'd make a mint.

  • But I have a DNA sample! I can crank out at least a dozen best sellers!

  • Oh God, yes….
    Remember the spate of 9/11-related fiction after the towers fell? It could have been written by (insert favorite author here) – no WAY would I have been interested.