Please note…

Posted: 12th August 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized

… from this day forth I will consider all stories in which the Denver airport, and Super Shuttle HQ are blown up extra cool.

  • boom
    consider it done, had to blow up something anyway – was going to do Lambeau Field – hey, an airport is just as good.

  • Super Shuttle is the Antichrist, and the Denver airport is the gate to Hell.
    May they both be damned to lake of fire. Or at least vaporized by Gort.

  • Poor O'Mike. Did your travel-fu completely disappear?
    As for the destruction of the airport et al, your wish is my command. I like making things go "boom!".

  • I had not problems with SuperShuttle or the Denver airport itself.
    However, once I got to Charlotte . . .

  • I've got enough DIA material for an entire trilogy. Maybe a time travel series, so the hero could blow it up, then travel back in time and blow it up again.

    • ROTFL!

    • How about blowing it up in parallel dimensions?

      • Oh, I can't bear the thought of it existing in more than one dimension. Soul-crushingly depressing.

  • How about the Evil Trinity of Denver, Detroit, and Chicago O'Hare?
    (Let's see, add Heathrow 5 for the overseas contingent and subtract Detroit. Eww, Detroit. I have stories to rival yesterday at Denver)

    • I haven't flown through Detroit or Chicago… but the list of airports i wish to have nothing to do with is called "The Philly List".
      I don't expect to go back anytime soon.

  • Alas, I have no story for you.
    But this interesting link was mentioned on Whatever when John Scalzi's flight was delayed for hours in DIA.