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The very short report is that i had fun, and now I’m incredibly tired.

Onward to the long report.

Friday I arrived in what was a slightly larger town than I expected. They even had Dunkin Donuts, so civilization was not abandoned. The hotel, like many was revealed to be inspired by Escher as among other unique properties the second floor saw rooms 146 and 246 sharing a wall.

I mentioned I’d be interviewing the GoH, C.E. Murphy, and i just managed to finish the prep work due to unforeseen events before the con. Fortunately for me, interviewing Catie required no skill. She’s just a fun person who interacts well with those around her. She discussed a the differences between the Walker Papers Series and the series her upcoming Heart of Stone will launch. She also mentioned that she has planned the series to be a finite one and is something she doesn’t expect to drag on to twenty or so books.

Next was my panel on “How Yo Write Pages 1-5”, which I begged the Awesome Sara Harvey to join me on. In which we discussed that in an amazing bout of staying on topic. We also discussed a few other things turning the panel into something near to a mini publishing 050.

And that was Friday, well that and the Barfleet party, which I attended with the lovely lady Jan who does Reg at Arisia, fun party. I think I shocked one or two people by consuming the oddly colored mystery booze and remaining upright and unsick.

Shamanistic Druids was the 10 am panel. It was one of the few with four people scheduled for it and I suspect it was done with the expectation that the partying would lay one or two of us low. Fear Not Fair Fen!! We all made it, roughly on time even. Sounding intelligent, well read, and enthusiastic were GoH Catie Murphy, Sean Kane, and Jeff Mach. I sounded loud. We discussed the difficulties of making up a consistent religion in Fantasy, and how few actual religions are built into Science Fiction.

Next, because all the other panels I was scheduled for was not enough I went with Jeff Mach to “Growing Fandom”, in which we discussed various ways to assimilating mundanes. It was fun, he has a definite like of integrating different fringe groups. I mostly told bad jokes.

My next attempt to sally forth to glory was the “Flirting Panel”. This was fun. The two ladies, Sara Harvey and Kris Snyder were extroverts, “The Ferret” and “The OnyxHawke” were both introverts. Discussion amazingly stayed on topic, and even kept a PG rating for a full eight or nine minutes. This was I believe one of the best attended events at the entire con.

The ten minute pitch session had four interested parties. I enjoyed it.

The “Cliches that need banning” panel was a great deal of fun., I was joined by Jeff Mach and Kip Williams who much to my wonder kept me from talking the whole panel. The audience participated in this, as with most of the Pi-Con events.

Last on the dance card for the day was “Urban Fantasy”, they had Sara Harvey, Catie Murphy, and myself. This was probably the most balanced panel in terms of who did the talking that i was part of. (That’s code phrase for we all talk a lot, and respect each other.) We discussed the roots of Urban Fantasy, the not so line like line between Urban Fantasy and its close kin High Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and and Epic Fantasy. It was an excellent way to end my paneling for the night.

I did go to a Vampires panel with Jennifer Williams Salome Tetty. Fun panel but my brain had packed in for the night and I don’t recall much of it.


Critiquing that Counts was exciting. I got to sit in a quiet room until i got bored as no one appeared to play with me. This probably had something to do with the hideous line outside the hotel eatery, and the 11am, panel time, checkout that the front desk was telling people.

I was looking for someone to snag to come shore up the utter lack of energy I felt but failed. The sensational Ms. Murphy was forced to put up with me one last time as the two of us arrived at the panel looking like we’d wake up anytime four hours later. Not surprisingly she still performed spectacularly for our too small audience and sounded great around my yawns and constantly forgetting what the hell i was talking about.

I had a lot of fun, but will not ever, ever, ever allow myself to be scheduled, or schedule myself for more than ten hours of programming in a three day con. Even in a four day con I’m not sure I’d want to do more.

Other fun people (who’s names I can recall at the moment) :
Michael Whitehouse, Mike Luomo, K. A. LAity, Sacci Green. I know there are other fun people who’s names have dribbled out my ears, and to them I apologize.


Good Con, go if you can.

Nearest airports are probably Albany http://www.albanyairport.com/ and Hartford http://www.ct.gov/dot/cwp/view.asp?a=1380&q=260082.


Sara Harvey got engaged!

  • One of the cliches we didn't get to discuss: Mistaken identity!
    (That was me at the cliches panel, not Jeff) 🙂
    Good report otherwise. I enjoyed the con and second your recommendation for people to attend next year.

    • 😀
      Next year perhaps.

    • Not MY dang fault. They scheduled me for two panels at the same time. 🙂
      BTW, I have friended you both.
      -Jeff M,

      • Likely story!
        I dont believe a word of it!

        • Oh, come on…
          …would a marketing person lie?
          …say, you don't happen to have any authors who might like to come on down and promote themselves some, do you, goodlookin'?

          • Sorry, i should know better. Just like the goobermint is here to help.

            • Of course it is! They only want to protect your freedom!
              …and hey, it doesn't hurt (too much) for me to ask if you have anyone you might want to send our way, right? 🙂

  • thanks for the report. sounds like a good time. I'll keep it in mind for next year (especially since it's at a time I could go wihtout interfering with work)

    • It is fun, and _much_ more relaxing if one is not dashing about madly…

  • And the 'lovely lady Jan' says hello, and just wants to let you know she will be at 3Pi-con, doing registration there as well.
    At this point, it must be an addiction.

    • 🙂 See ya then if not before…

  • I hope you don't mind that I've just added you to my friends list. A mutual acquaintance sent me your way because I'm another in a string of jerkface writers on LJ, but instead of adding you in hopes of representation, I've added you because I like your writing style. So, there! An unsolicited friending.
    I'm glad your convention didn't suck!

    • Mind shucks no, in fact its all part of my plan to take over the world.
      No, the con was a blast.

  • My daughter met you.
    My daughter, Sovay met you there. She was impressed with you and also brought up my work (You probably don't remember her. Delicate blonde with a mass of golden ringlets). I emailed you with a few questions.

    • Re: My daughter met you.
      IIRC there was an indeterminate mid to late teen to early twenties young ladie who mentioned me to you, I don't recall getting an email from you. Did i answer? If not let me know and I'll look in the mounds of email.

      • Re: My daughter met you.
        the only email link I could find on your website bounced back to me. So I went to tribal and messaged you there.

        • Re: My daughter met you.
          Tribe was being wonky… i sent an email to the gmail account in your profile.