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Being an evil agent can be pretty fun. There’s kicking puppies which never gets old, telling vegetarians they smell like prey, ripping the tags off mattresses, and of course the fresh tastes of victory and vengeance as another domino falls in the plan for world conquest.

Then too there is the simple ability to inspire awe and envy by posting one simple picture.

  • Too kewl on the Kompanion. Nobody knows Lois's mind like Lillian, and I bet John did okay too. 😉
    Cheers and evil grins,
    Jean Marie

    • The panel at Worldcon with Lois, Lillian and the other two ladies who's names escape what i laughingly refer to as my memory was a hoot.

      • Sorry I missed it. Hope there will be something equally wonderful at WFC. Cheers and smiles, Jean Marie

  • Whimper….whimper….I want.
    You are the evil agent, teasing us with this. [G]

    • Everyone needs a reason to get out of bed.

      • Only if that reason is to answer the door when the Amazon delivery of the books gets here [G]

  • Okay. That's just cruel. Even if the first five chapters of the Companion are online at Baen.

  • Ahhh, the Companion arrived safely, good. 🙂

  • Argh. You are just EVUL. I don't have mine yet (grumble, mutter, mutter, mutter)

  • Being an evil agent can be pretty fun.
    You're just learning that now? ;>