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Posted: 25th July 2008 by onyxhawke in Uncategorized
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For those living North of Boston, or anywhere within driving distance of Newburyport Ma, this weekend makes a perfect time to visit my favorite book store.You can wander the store that hooked me on reading and is indirectly to blame for me being in the business.

Jabberwocky books is hosting a special guest. Patrick is the leader of 40,000 or so Maasai living around a national park in Southern Kenya. Sue, the owner of Jabberwocky has visited him in Kenya through a charity she works with. She’s agreed to host him for a presentation here.

This is from the email I got from Sue:
On Sunday, July 27th Patrick Papatiti, the vibrant young leader of the Maasai in Southern Kenya, will speak about the beauty of the traditional ways of the Maasai, and the struggle to preserve them in the face of the pressures of the modern world. This is a very special event and we hope you will be able to join us to hear Patrick’s story.
Jabberwocky is located at 50 Water St Newburyport Ma 01950 in the Tannery.

A note to those coming from south of the area. The Parker River Bridge in Newbury is closed for construction. If you get directions that say you are to take rt 1a through Newbury you need to go around. You’re better off taking Route 1 to the rotary going to the the right at where the courthouse is, going straight to the lights where it becomes a one way, turning right, and then turning left onto Federal street. The Tannery sits on the corner of the Federal and Water st.

I also ran into a neat pet treat store in Rowley that has everything from vegetarian and organic pet treats to some of the stuff you’ll find in regular pet stores. I got Mother’s dogs the charcoal biscuits. Ciao Bow Wow is at 317 Haverhill St Rowley Ma 

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    Have fun at the bookstore!