• I never paid attention to it until I started writing. Now it's another subtle hint as to what "flavor" a book's likely to have.
    I DO pay attention when subbing, and if a book "feels like my style" while I'm reading, I'll make a note of the publisher for future reference.

  • Poll needs work, I know about publishers I do not care who publishes what. I only care if they have a good/useful website for me to do research.

  • Some publishers have more of a rep for requiring their authors to get, y'know, copy-editing. And some have a bit of a track record for letting them throw their words at the page and see what sticks — and some authors kind of need someone else to apply the glue, even if they tell a darn fine yarn otherwise.
    So some author-publisher combos would put me off.
    And some publishers have more of a bias toward books that I might not want to read; the back-blurb usually reveals that, though, and then I glance at the spine and say, "Ah, an X book. Figures."

  • My favorite author. That phrase just screams for narcissism, doesn't it? LOL

  • I would have selected "not at all" — I never look at who has published a book. I couldn't care less.

  • It matters a great deal to me whether I am reading a book from a professional publishing house. I'm very much willing to read manuscripts for friends, but if I'm sitting down to read for fun, I want to know that the manuscript is going to be professionally handled. It's entirely possible that a publisher that paid professional rates could lose my respect as regards their publication quality if they didn't behave like a professional.
    I can't imagine looking at two books in the bookstore and saying, "Well, I'm going to buy one of these…but this one is from Tor, and this one is from DAW, so I guess that makes my decision for me." A couple of times I have discovered that I like the type of work an author does for one publisher better than the type they do for another, but the ranking pretty much never holds true consistently from author to author: one will write better stuff for Ace, another for Baen's, and so on.

  • Some authors will sell lesser works or works of a slightly (or greatly) different genre or style to a different publisher, so I'm somewhat aware of the publisher.
    If they are a FAVORITE author, I'd at least check them out if they were selling works to different publisher of a line of a different genre… If the author is merely moving to a similar publisher with similar work, I won't worry about it at all.

  • I would have selected "not at all" if it had been there. It not being there made me think a little harder about my response. Then I remembered, there is one publisher, where the owner does a little write up about each book inside the cover. That always struck me as weird and unnecessary. Therefore I have always noticed when I buy one of their books. Consequently I have noticed I never enjoy them. So, yeah, when ever I see his intro, I put the book back down.
    Only that one publisher though. 🙂

  • In theory I don't care about the publisher.
    In practice it looks like I get 80% of my reading from one publisher (4 letters begins with B) and about half of the rest from another Sf publisher (3 letters begins with T). And of the final 10% a significant chunk is authors who were/are B*** authors but who have books published by other publishers too.